CHASE (NBC): The Lowdown

Chase (NBC): The Lowdown

I got a chance to check out an advanced copy of the pilot for CHASE this week – In fact, so advanced was this copy I’m reluctant to go into specifics about what happens in it. As the network may have changed everything by the time the episode airs. So I’m just here to give my general impressions of the show.

First of all, I just have to say that I used to have a real problem with women in action roles. No, strike that, I didn’t have a problem with the women, I think my problem was with how they were written. It never failed that I’d watch a tv show with a female playing a cop or FBI agent and just want to cringe after every word that came out of their mouth. Most of them made me want to scream at the television and say “women don’t talk like that!”.

As I was watching Chase though, I realized that I no longer feel that way and that’s because these days most shows are getting it right, this one included. Kelli Giddish plays Annie Frost, the leader of an elite group of U.S. Marshalls who track down the worst of the worst in criminals. Annie is a strong female but there’s nothing awkward or strange about her. I found her very believable, especially her wardrobe. The girl wears cowboy boots, with I think is much more appropriate footwear than high heels, to go after her quarry.

Overall I liked the pilot – the action was pretty intense throughout, though it did leave me wondering if they can keep it up this kind of energy in every episode. I was literally at the edge of my seat in some parts and really found myself caring for the characters by the end. In my book, those are both pretty good signs that I’m going to end up liking a show. Also I liked that it looked pretty realistic. Granted I’m no expert but according to news footage I’ve seen of U.S. Marshalls, it was at least realistic enough not to pull me out of the show.

Chase airs on Monday nights at 10pm on NBC starting this Monday, September 20. If you like action, strong female leads and an ensemble cast, I think you’ll like this one.