AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL: “Diane Von Furstenberg” Review

ANTM (The CW) Cycle 15 Episode 2

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL‘s second episode of its fifteeth season featured a runway show by Diane Von Furstenburg (Germans have the coolest names), breakdowns and bullying.

The opening credits which is essentially Tyra Banks in a leotard licking a mirror, remind us of the six foot chicken. They’re put into a huge house right on Venice Beach. There’s sand in a room, there’s a runway in the house, there’s a lot of pictures of Tyra. Chris tries to get friendly with Ann, who wants to hook up with a sixty year old warlock who shoots fire.

Then the girls are talking about how much they weigh and their issues and stuff. Anamaria weighs 110, which, like, is the weight of my left arm.

The first competition is doing their own hair and make up on a four story high runway in the air. To make it easier, they first have to climb stairs going down.

Chelsey looks quite confident. Chris looks like she might murder the runway. Anamaria is being set up as the new villain. She trips, but only when she’s safe so there’s no bungee jumping. But wait, up next is Kacey, who cannot see without her glasses on. Nope, she doesn’t fall either. Liz is worried about looking good and dying. I often have that fear.

They want to send messages to teen bullying, because nothing gives teenagers confidence like seeing beautiful models in swimwear. The models have the names they were mocked with painted on their bodies along with nicer words to describe their bullying names: instead of ‘giant’ Ana is ‘Amazon’-the warriors, I presume, not the river. Tyra has a good time getting the tears out of the girls and playing therapist. Kayla (she was called queer so she wrote ‘free’ on her neck) was actually, dare I say it, quite touching.

Terra has a hard time at the photoshoot and had a total meltdown. Chris is worried she’ll have to go home.

Demi Lovato shows up and she wants to change the world with her bullying website.

The girls are trotted out one by one and given their critique. Then they’re told whether they’re through or not. Ann is given best photo, followed by Kayla. Chelsea, Kendall and Lexie follow. In the end it’s Anamaria and Terra. She starts off with Terra so you know she’s going home. Except, oh wait, the formula has changed! Terra is in, and Anamaria, the villain who lasted one episode is gone.

The sisters are still in, the lesbians are in with a shot and the villain is gone. I miss cycle nine’s Jade.

What did you think of this episode of America’s Next Top Model? Who is your favourite/least favourite, who impressed you the most this week? Leave your comments below!

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