Aly Michalka Talks About HELLCATS

The good people over at TV Fanatic spent some time talking to actress Aly Michalka about her new role as Marti on the new CW series Hellcats which airs Wednesdays at 9 pm. In this interview, Michalka discusses her preparation for the role, her similiarities with Marti and what viewers can expect in the upcoming episodes of Hellcats. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Did you watch any cheerleading competitions or talk to any cheerleaders to prepare for your Hellcats role?
I talked to a lot of the girls on our squad from the pilot, and obviously the girls we have as regular cheerleaders on our show to kind of get the right information and the knowledge that I needed just to feel comfortable as my character. A lot of the stuff I watched was online. A lot of cheerleading competitions, I watched a lot of nationals, sectionals and I just studied not only the just way they moved and interacted with each other, but also the spirit that they brought to their performance. I don’t have a cheerleading background at all when it comes to being on the show, but I do have a background in hip hop and freestyles, so it’s something I’m really comfortable with. I was able to bring something to the table and also learn something at the same time.
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