UNNATURAL HISTORY “Speetlemania” Review

Unnatural History (Cartoon Network) Speetlemania

Taxidermy, house parties and one really disgusting and elusive bug, ‘Speetlemania’ was the twelfth and penultimate episode of UNNATUAL HISTORY‘s first season. Henry intercepts a package meant for Julian and finds a once thought to be extinct bug he names Rex is hidden inside. This bug is a cross between a spider and a beetle and has the genetic ability to, I gather, take over the world.

This puts a chink in Jasper and Henry’s plans. After complaining that Henry has no social life outside of his dangerous adventures and himself and Maggie, Henry takes the initiative and throws a house party the weekend Uncle Bryan is away. By twitter, email and texting, the teens flood the Bartlett household. Maggie, as event co-ordinator, indulges in karaoke. Jasper semi-stalks, semi-assaults the object of his heart’s desire. She cannot quite remember the 16th of March 2002, when she and Jasper were in third grade and temporarily boyfriend-girlfriend (according to Jasper. Ah, young love!)

Julian almost ruins the house party as he tries to catch the bug, enlisting Henry and, for a short while, Jasper’s help. Julian wants the bug to sell, Henry wants the bug for scientific purposes, Jasper really does not want anyone to damage his dad’s brand new plasma television.

A violent one-eyed man (one-eyed thanks to the beetle) who ends up being a bit of a bluffing joke threatens Henry for the bug and in a very cool fighting scene Henry defeats him. I really liked the aerial camera work.

My favourite line of the show had to be Julian’s: “Of course he’s serious, he’s missing an eye!” but this was highly contested with the private collector’s henchman’s: “Those kids have my bug.”

Overall, this was a fine and fun episode of Unnatural History.

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