TERRIERS “Dog and Pony” Advance Review

Terriers "Dog and Pony" Review

The nice people at FX not only let us here at Daemon’s TV have an early copy of the pilot episode of TERRIERS, we also got the next two episodes. The second episode is called “Dog and Pony” and in it I saw how unafraid Hank and Britt are not to do whatever it takes to get a bad guy put away. Or for that matter, how unafraid they are to do whatever it takes to get something they really want. They aren’t above lying, cheating and even impersonating other bad guys to get the job done. One thing’s for sure, they may not always do the right thing, but they’re usually doing it for the right reasons.. well so far anyway. Hank is still working on buying his old house, realizing there’s a lot more to it than he thought. His quest for it prompts the guys to take on another unusual job that, among other things, gets both their asses kicked pretty nicely.

As I watched this episode I realized that I’ve never really watched a show on FX before and I’m still trying to get over the amount of cursing (as well as one rather impressive finger gesture) allowed on the shows on this network. Not that I don’t partake of cursing myself (or the occasional finger gesture for that matter), but having been used to more genteel networks, I found my eyebrows shooting up in surprise every time they used the word “shit”. Well at least the first ten or so times, after that I got used to it.

Now that I’ve had a chance to be a part of interviews with both Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James and have heard them both tell how well they get along, I couldn’t help but to notice examples of that on screen. Maybe I would have still noticed if they hadn’t mentioned it before, but now I can really see it. Just little moments here and there, things like the way Britt grins at Hank when he makes a particularly smartass remark or the looks that pass between them when there’s no dialogue in the scene. It’s fun to catch stuff like that and know that these two are best of buds offscreen as well.

Okay so I know I can’t give any spoilers but I can tell y’all my favorite line in the episode.

“I had to take the dog out every two hours to pee. It barks at its own farts.” – Teehee.. yes farts do still make me giggle. I swear somewhere inside me there is a five year old trying to get out.

Also I just have to say that dog happens to make the most interesting entrance on any tv show I’ve ever seen.

Overall I am liking Terriers more with each episode. Hank and Britt aren’t without their faults but I still wouldn’t mind hanging out with them. It cracks me up how they go from having some of the worst luck ever to having some of the best. One minute I’m groaning in sympathy and the next minute I’m ready to cheer for them.

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