LIFE UNEXPECTED “Ocean Uncharted” Review

Life Unexpected (CW) - Ocean Uncharted

In a nutshell, LIFE UNEXPECTED centers around 16-years-old Lux (Britt Robertson) who was given up for adoption at birth. In order to gain emancipation and get away from the foster care system, she tracks down her bartender father Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) and radio show host mother Cate (Shiri Appleby). Needless to say, neither is ready for parenthood. Instead of emancipation, Lux is placed in the custody of Baze and Cate. And thus their new life begins and everything changes, especially when you add Cate’s boyfriend Ryan (Kerr Smith) into the mix.

Season two starts with the episode “Ocean Uncharted”. Lux, Cate, and Ryan return from a family honeymoon. Right away Baze and Cate get off to a bad start when he selfishly admits his feelings for her; and she tells him that Lux wanted her to marry Ryan. They eventually make up. As for Ryan, we learn from a phone call that he has secrets of his own. Who is Julia and what is their relationship?

At work, Cate and Ryan’s boss Trina (Gina Holden) introduces them to Kelly Campbell (Amy Price-Francis) their new radio co-host. She will act as a marriage guru to spice up the show. Because otherwise the show would be boring now that Cate and Ryan are married. I’m not sure how they came to that conclusion! Anyway Cate can’t stand her; and Kelly doesn’t seem so fond of Cate either. Trina ends up firing Cate.

Lux experiences major changes as well. She visits Bug (Rafi Gavron), who out of the blue proposes to her. He says with all the changes in her life they won’t ever change. What does he think will happen after he proposes? After some soul-searching and a car trip with Eric Daniels (Shawn Sipos), a stranger she meets at Baze’s bar, she tells Bug that she’s too young to get married. Bug leaves. When Lux arrives at school the next day, she finds out that Eric is a new teacher at her school. Do you want to see anything happen between them?

Meanwhile there is a new bartender called Paige at Baze’s bar. Baze drowns his sorrow in alcohol and hooks up with her. Despite being warned about smoking, Paige drops a cigarette in a trash can and sets the bar on fire. The bar is completely destroyed but Baze is determined to turn over a new leaf from now on. Paige shows up at Cate’s doorstep, revealing that she is Ryan’s sister.

Life Unexpected introduces many changes in the first episode of season two. We meet several new characters – Eric, Paige, and Kelly. Our main characters develop new relationship dynamics. And the show seems to be taking a very different approach to the storyline. The coziness of our immediate family has expanded to a wider setting. While season one deals with the coming together of Cate, Baze, and Lux, season two presents the theme of moving forward. Inevitably this means Lux will settle into her new life, develop new tastes, and experience new things. We will have to see if it turns out to be with men (Eric?) or boys (Jones?). Or do you think she belongs with Bug? Baze will have to get over Cate, or at least pretend to. And hopefully he will work on his relationship with his dad. Both Baze and Cate have their job situation to take care of. Maybe they should go into business together. Cate will certainly have her hands full with Paige, who looks like all kinds of trouble. Speaking of trouble, Ryan is not the man we thought he was. What else is he hiding, if anything at all? How will things be for him at work with Kelly and Trina?

At this point, I almost feel like there are too many changes right at the beginning. The show doesn’t have the same feel as the first season. It doesn’t have the same focus, or perhaps more accurately has lost its focus. I want a show that is more in the style of Gilmore Girls. Does it seem as if Life Unexpected is trying too hard to not be boring or to entice viewers?

What did you think of episode 1 “Ocean Uncharted” of Life Unexpected?