And the BIG BROTHER 12 Winner Is…..


SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read if you have yet to watch tonight’s season finale.

On the heels of its renewal for another season, BIG BROTHER 12 wrapped up with its big two hour season finale tonight. And after two hours of chatter, one of the Brigade members will be walking away with $500K. We catch up with the boys when they are promising to keep true to their promises and keep it clean before the final HOH. But before we can get to that, let’s check in with the folks who will be responsibly to put the money in their hands.

Britney joins the Jury House, and most of the members were upset since she was a better competitor than Enzo or Lane. The only person who knows that its Britney is Matt, and I cannot believe that he still hasn’t fussed up about the Brigade to the Jury House. Man, this guy really likes being looked at as a liar. Anyways, Britney breaks the news to the crew and another dagger goes into the heart of Ragan over his so-called friendship with Matt. Kathy breaks it down for Britney that Matt is used to lying, since he has been doing the same thing the whole time with his wife’s ‘sickness.’ The jury members, Brendon, Rachel, Kathy, Britney, Matt and Ragan, began to discuss who out of the final three played a better game. Now that they are aware of the Brigade it made things a bit trickier since that strategic move was made early on in the game and basically created a safe enough alliance that Hayden, Enzo or Lane really had to worry about their place in the house. Rachel and Brendon believed that most of the Brigade’s victory was from luck, but that Enzo or Lane played a better game since without the true competition angle, this was strictly a social game. Britney obviously believes Lane played the better social game, but Kathy and Ragan feel that Hayden played a better game. When all the of jury looks at the social game though, its Enzo who kills it. For some reason, Matt is still convinced he thought up the Brigade, and while he might have been the brains behind many of the operations, Enzo was really the one who ran it all.

Let’s get back to the final three now. The boys do a bit of sabotaging each other making sure they fight for their right to be in the final two. Now for Hayden, it’s obvious he needs to bring Lane to the end to win, and that goes for Enzo too. But in the case of Lane, I’m not sure who he needs to bring along in case he wins the final HOH. Enzo played a better social game and Hayden played a better competition-based game, so when it comes to Lane it would be a crapshoot with either. The final HOH game has Hayden and Lane playing a Q&A game based on the jury’s answers to questions. They are tied with 4 each at the end of the game and are forced to break the tie with the amount of times they were thrown against the wall in last week’s first HOH challenge. Hayden wins with 91, which is actually under by more than a 100 – which means those dudes hung onto the ropes tight. Hayden wins and will get to bring along who he wants to sit next to him in front of the jury, and its most likely going to be Lane. Enzo gets the sad news and is truly bummed when he is sent out to meet with Julie to chat before he joins the other members of the jury.

Enzo believes that he deserved to be there in the final two and that since he was the brains behind the Brigade. He also believes, and rightly so, that if were to have gone up against either Lane or Hayden he would have walked away with the big prize of $500k. Julie plays him the final DR messages and Hayden cops to knowing that he would have won if he brought him and that he had to play the best game for himself. And Lane for some reason decides to lie and tell him that he wishes he had been able to bring Enzo along to the final two. Interesting because I thought he wanted to bring Britney along, or that when it came to the final three he was going to stick to his original promise and bring Hayden. Lane who throughout the game was a good guy, but honestly in the past few weeks he seems to have done a whole lot of backpedaling. Enzo joins the jury, who prepared six questions, three for Hayden and three Lane, and he has the opportunity to ask one of the final two his own question. Rachel asks Lane about his social game, which he gives a weak answer on. Me thinks that Rachel wouldn’t give Hayden the money unless he stole it out of her hands. Brendon asked Hayden out side of the Brigade who he believes should be in the final two. Hayden decides that Britney and Brendon are the best overall competitors and it should be them.

Matt asks Lane if he things had changed would he have brought Britney or a member of the Brigade to the final two. Lane skirts around the question and says that he would have brought a Brigade member, which we al know ain’t true. Kathy asks Hayden if he thought he played a better social game than Lane and Hayden believes their socials game were equal to that of each other’s. Ragan asked Hayden if he had any regrets about anything he might have said behind the backs of the jury members and Hayden says that while he might have said some things in the heat of the moment, he believes that there was really no horrible things that had come out his mouth about anyone. Finally Enzo asked Lane if he was being truthful when he said that he wished he could have brought him along. Once again, Lane skirted the answer and basically lied. I think Enzo knew he was lying and that must have hurt. And then the final two make their final please, with Hayden boasting about both his social game and competition skill level and that he believes he truly won this game over Lane. And Lane for some reason repeats that he didn’t he could have won against either, which is probably the dumbest thing you can say to a group of people who might possibly give you $500K.

The jury begins their votes: Rachel votes on a social game (Lane), Brendon voted on a social game as well, or just the same way Rachel did (Lane) Matt votes for the game changing move that got him kicked out and won the Brigade the game (Hayden), Kathy votes on social game (Hayden), Ragan votes for the guy who came here to win half a million dollars and not lose it (Hayden), Britney votes for her bestie (Lane) and Enzo votes for the best game player (Hayden). Hayden wins the money, but not before the first four houseguests who were evicted, Annie, Monet, Andrew and Kristin come back to put their spin on things. Since they have seen the whole show, they believe that Enzo should really be in the final two and that he should have won the big prize since he really was running the game. They then tell Enzo, Lane and Hayden that Matt was lying about his wife, which affirms their reasons to kick him two weeks ago. We also get into Annie’s mini-stint as the Saboteur, the showman between Kristin, who is now single and Hayden and Rachel and Brendon’s relationship, which disgusts Britney. We learn that Ragan was the Saboteur and that his efforts won him $20K. And finally, they tell Hayden that he won the big prize, or actually that Lane lost the big prize. Britney won fan favorite, which was $25K, and everyone seemed to be happy as clams, except for Monet. Before the big announcements, Annie said the alliance of the Brigade was the best game, which I guess I can finally agree with, and that if the women were smart they could have done the same thing.

So are you happy with the outcome? Did you think Enzo deserved the big one even though he barely won anything? Did Hayden play the best game? And do you think the ladies can pul the same kind of secret alliance next Summer? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Just wanted to thank you all for watching along with me this Summer and that I hope you enjoyed my take on the episodes, competition and the silly drama within the house.

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