WAREHOUSE 13 “Buried” Review

Warehouse 13 (Syfy) -- "Buried"

The “Buried” episode of WAREHOUSE 13 kicks off the two part season finale by bringing the lost Warehouse 2 back online in Egypt, endangering both Mrs. Frederic and Warehouse 13. Three students somehow stumble across Warehouse 2 outside Alexandria and trigger a booby trap that leads to their death by desiccation. It also wakes the warehouse which forges a connection with Mrs. Frederic, sending her brain into overload. Pete, Myka, Helena, and Valda go to Warehouse 2 to try to shut it down before it shuts Mrs. Frederic and thus Warehouse 13 down.

Way to get my Helena and Myka hopes up with “many of my lovers were men,” not to mention Myka`s little smile, and then snatch it away at the end when Helena zaps both Pete and Myka. Sigh. My eyes may even have welled up during her scenes with Christina, making the betrayal seem that much worse. Poor Myka–this one’s going to leave a mark.

Speaking of poor Myka–Pete sees Kelly, his “one,” when the Medusa fixes her red glaring eye on him while traitorous Helena spends time with her beloved Christina. Myka gets Artie and a case. Yes, he’s a nice, approving Artie (shudder) and I know it shows that the warehouse gives her what she needs and how much she values her work, but still, poor lonely Myka. She is the only one not invested enough in the fantasy to be able to ignore the odd red signs.

We finally know Mrs. Frederic’s title and how she always knows everything that’s going on at the warehouse. She`s its caretaker, and if Pete and Myka hadn’t shut down Warehouse 2, Claudia would have taken over as the Buffy of the Warehouse world. For some reason I just love that the bond transfer is done via green ribbon, but I`m also very glad it doesn`t have to happen yet.

This is a fate-heavy episode with Valda sacrificing himself for the Warehouses, Mrs. Frederic, Pete, Myka, and Helena and Vanessa telling Claudia her becoming the caretaker is part of the design. I’ll miss Valda, but I love both his casual acceptance of his fate and Pete’s tipping of his torch. I also like that there’s a reason for Claudia’s attachment to the warehouse. It really is hers, after all, and she does her best to protect it tonight by following the students’ money trail straight to the warehouse. Oh, Helena.

Where did Artie go? Claudia can’t reach the team via Farnsworth, so he takes it and says he has to go check on something and then doesn’t come back, even though Vanessa, his one, is sitting right there. What did he sense?

Pete is on fire (literally at one point), solving the pancake post puzzle and putting the ankh into the right star hole to shut down the orb. He’s grown quite a bit from the beginning of the series, but I still wouldn’t have picked him to solve the mind part of “mind, body, soul.”

Random notes: Helena’s Lara Croft outfit rocks and I just can’t see Kelly and Pete together long term, though I think it’s great that all warehouse personnel get to tell one person the truth. The students’ deaths are awesomely gross, reminding me of the “Inca Mummy Girl” episode of Buffy.

Very good twisty episode tonight, and it looks like Warehouse 13 is ending season two with a bang next week. I don’t suppose there’s any chance left Helena isn’t up to something completely diabolical, is there?

What did you think of “Buried?” Did Helena lull anyone else into a false sense of security for the first 98% of the episode? Also, I didn’t have a chance to list any of the great lines (“She’s a tech nerd, she’s 150, and you’re Myka.”), so have at it in the comments.

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