UNNATURAL HISTORY “Speetlemania” Episode 12

Unnatural History (Cartoon Network) Speetlemania

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of UNNATURAL HISTORY titled “Speetlemania” Episode 12 which airs on Tuesday September 14 at 8pm on Cartoon Network.

Episode Synopsis: UNNATURAL HISTORY “Speetlemania” Episode 12 – Henry opens a package that belongs to Professor Morneau and unleashes a once extinct spider into the school.

Show Description: Unnatural History centers on Henry Griffin (Kevin G. Schmidt), an exceptional teenager with extraordinary skills he learned while living with his anthropologist parents in some of the most exotic places on the planet. When Henry’s parents decide it’s time for him to settle down and lead a normal life, they send him off to Washington D.C. to live with his cousin Jasper (Jordan Gavaris) and uncle Bryan (Martin Donovan), who happens to be the dean of James Smithson High School – the charter school within the National Museum Complex. Henry explores the secrets of Smithson High and the National Museum, and he is soon plunged into a whole new world of mystery and intrigue, where he’ll need all of his skills, as well as the help of his cousin Jasper and new friend Maggie (Italia Ricci).
Growing up among such cultural diversity, ever-curious Henry had endless adventures and philosophical experiences with masters and fellow students from around the world. He came to possess special physical and mental skills: He can climb and rappel, track quarry, hunt, throw a javelin, free dive, firewalk, perform expert martial arts moves … and seriously focus his “chi” energy.

And although these skills come in handy when dealing with sticky situations, they’re not necessarily the best for fitting into high school. The kid who reads ancient Sanskrit text, has never sent a cell phone text.
Each week, Henry, Jasper and Maggie investigate a new mystery based on the history, science and foreign culture surrounding The National Museum, where they are all student interns. However, these mysteries aren’t Henry’s only peril: He’ll also have to navigate the most mysterious world of all – high school.

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