OUTLAW (NBC) Pilot Episode

Jimmy Smits (Outlaw)

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos for NBC’s new series OUTLAW pilot episode which premieres with a special preview episode on Wednesday, September 15. The series officially premieres Friday, September 17.

Episode Synopsis: In the premiere episode, playboy Supreme Court Justice Cyrus Garza (Jimmy Smits) has an epiphany — which leads him to make a radical decision to step down and go into private practice. Garza’s first case — a last ditch attempt to save a condemned client from death – tests his mettle and resolve as they have never been tested before. Aided by a legal team comprised of his best friend, respected defense attorney Al Druzinsky (David Ramsey), loyal law clerk Mereta Stockman (Ellen Woglom), Yale-educated and conservative Eddie Franks (Jesse Bradford) and sassy private eye Lucinda Pearl (Carly Pope), Garza seems likely to make his mark as a legal crusader. However, by flouting the system and turning maverick, he may have made some dangerous enemies in very high places — enemies who, even now, may be actively plotting against him.

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