ONE TREE HILL “Asleep at Heaven’s Gate” Review

One Tree Hill "Asleep at Heaven's Gate"

Finally we are back to a new season of ONE TREE HILL and we can find out what happened after last year’s cliffhanger. In case you had forgotten, One Tree Hill made sure that you were up to date by replaying the final scenes from last year’s finale. We saw Haley announce she was pregnant (and thinks it’s a girl), Brooke and Julian got engaged, Alex asked out Chase (who said yes right before he got a text from Mia wanting him back), and we watched both Quinn and Clay get gunned down by Katie, the psycho girl who was so infatuated with Clay that she pretended to be his dead ex-wife. Is this a soap opera or what?

At first I was concerned about how they were going to handle the Clay and Quinn getting shot storyline. After all, Haley had just recovered from her mother’s untimely death and her spiral into a very depressive state. If someone else close to her died, I think it would completely break her. Although we do not quite have an answer as to how she will take things yet, I do like the direction the writers took with the gun shot plot. I can admit that within the first five minutes I was shouting “Lame!” at the TV only to change my mind 20 minutes later.

Aside from the Clay and Quinn aspect of the show, it seemed that all of the characters were finally happy. Halfway through the show, I am sure the characters felt differently. There was a lot of duality in this episode. We see both Nathan and Haley visiting doctors for two different reasons, Nathan for his physical before leaving for the NBA, and Haley for a pregnancy checkup. Yet each character said the same thing “Is everything okay?” to be told the same response “I just want to do some tests.” Another example of duality was when Jamie gets caught looking up sex on the computer with his friend. He tells Haley, “I said no” to which Haley responds “But you did it anyway.” Later, after Brooke returns from the city jail and finds out why she was charged with accounting fraud, we hear Milicent say “I told Victoria no” to which Brooke replies “But you did it anyway.”

All is not well in the One Tree Hill world. Brooke has lost her company, her mother and one of her good friends. Nathan and Haley are facing possible unknown medical conditions. Clay and Quinn’s fates are yet to be determined. Finally, just when Chase thought he had moved on from Mia and accepted Alex’s date proposal, Mia texts him wanting him back. We all know Alex will not give up without a fight and says as much to Mia, but what will that do to Chase?

One Tree Hill has always been an up and down show. The characters are never too happy nor are they allowed to get too sad. Case in point is Haley who we saw at one point last year attempting to drown her sorrows literally in the swimming pool, yet this season she is miraculous cured by her pregnancy. Must be the hormones. I am certainly not faulting One Tree Hill for this rollercoaster ride as I suspect that is what draws me in. What are your thoughts? Does One Tree Hill beat up its residents too much? Will any of them ever find, and keep, true happiness? I think about the closest anyone has come is Nathan and Haley.

Did you notice that the theme song is back? One Tree Hill abandoned its theme song three years ago, but decided to bring it back this season in different fashions featuring different artists. I don’t know about you, but I had grown rather accustomed to the silent black and white beginning of the show. Maybe it was more fitting for the darker stories and this season the writers want to make it more of a celebration? What are your thoughts?

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