Michael Raymond-James talks about TERRIERS

Michael Raymond-James interview

Last week Daemon’s TV was part of an interview with Michael’s costar Donal Logue and yesterday morning it was Michael Raymond-James’ turn to talk about his character, working with his good friend Donal, whether or not he’ll make another appearance on True Blood, and more.

Michael’s new show TERRIERS air on FX on Wednesdays at 10pm. About an ex-cop and his best friend who run a private investigator service, Terriers stars Donal Logue (Grounded for Life) as “Hank Dolworth” and Michael Raymond-James (True Blood) as “Britt Pollack”. I have already seen the pilot episode and it was great.

On his character Britt’s struggle with maturity and how that will play out in this season.

When I asked Michael about Britt’s struggle to grow-up, he was hesitant to give specifics lest they spoil anyone for some upcoming episodes. He did say that at some point Brett will find himself in a predicament where the only option will be to “man up” to get out of it. Britt will discover that when things don’t go the way we want, we all have to make journeys we may not like.

On what attracted him to the role of Britt.

Michael said that he was drawn to the role of Britt by the writing. He said he was excited to play a character that everyone could root for and that he had also wanted to work with Donal again.

On his character Britt.

Michael said that Britt still has a bit of a criminal element to him and is a dude that lives on his impulses, but is now on a forced march to maturity. Hank and Britt never want to hurt anyone but there is a high to doing nefarious activity that they both fight against. Britt is more impulsive though and it has a tendency to get him into trouble.

On his castmates.

Michael remarked that the entire cast is fantastic and though his “bromance” with Donal is well-documented, he was quick to point out that he also enjoyed working with everyone on the show. He said it’s exciting when he gets a script and sees who is going to be in it and that sometimes he will look them up to see if he knows any of their previous work. He even gave high praise to one of his furry costars, Buster the dog who played “Winston” on the show. Michael said that when Buster and he had their first scene together in the pilot, the first thing Buster did was to start humping his leg – the start of any great relationship.

On filming a love scene with his costar, Katie Nichols.

Always nervous about those types of scenes, Michael said that the most important thing to him when doing them is that his costar is comfortable and that he’s portraying a moment like that correctly. Though it’s not intimate for the actors involved, it is for the characters and everyone wants to get that aspect of the scene right. He remarked that an upcoming episode will contain his first “threesome” on film.. though it may not be exactly what you think. I’m not going to give it away so you’ll just have to watch to see what happens.

On how he and Donal cultivated their relationship on screen.

Zero effort was involved as Michael said that he and Donal hit it off immediately when he guest starred on Life. Michael said that when he met Donal, he just knew that he was a guy that would be in his life forever. When they started working on Terriers, the two of them decided to pool their relocation money from the studio and rent a house together. The arrangement works out great as they both like to play guitar and they like the same movies, music and literature. They even run lines together to help each other prep for upcoming scenes.

On the possibility of making another appearance on True Blood.

Michael said that right now his focus is on Terriers and though it was possible, he wasn’t sure if he would be back on True Blood next season.

On his character in True Blood.

Joking that he has a talent for playing average guys who turn into psychos, Michael said that the challenge with Rene was hiding the psycho part at first. Rene was a psycho from the beginning but no one knew that. He had to choose when to let the audience in on it by revealing little bits of the character at a time. All while making it look natural and not like it was coming out of nowhere. Michael then laughed and assured us that, though there may be changes coming for his character in Terriers, Britt will not end up being a serial killer.

On how he got into acting.

Originally from Michigan, Michael said that when he was younger, he never thought acting was a possibility, but sort of stumbled into it. He was invited to Los Angeles by a casting director and feels fortunate for all that’s happened to him since. Though he also pointed out that there was a lot of work involved too and that it’s what he calls “hard earned luck” that brought him to where he is now, and that he feels like the role of Britt was almost written for him.

On the laid back vibe on the show.

Michael said that he and Donal fit into the vibe on the show really well. Their characters are the ones that are put to the forefront the most and they wanted to keep it mellow. He definitely thinks that the show is a throwback to old buddy shows and movies, citing Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as one example.

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