THE GATES “Surfacing” Review

The Gates abc

So far in this series, Sarah has been oblivious to the special qualities of THE GATES. But in this episode, called “Sufacing”, she learns firsthand about some of the goings on there. Nick tried to bury the secret of what happened to Theresa along with the body that Dylan put in the riverbank. But he keeps having nightmares and, in an effort to help her husband, Sarah inadvertently makes things worse. She puts what she thinks is a bag of herbs designed to help (given to her by Devon) under his pillow, but they instead give the witch a view into Nick’s mind. Devon summons the spirit of the dead woman, who wreaks havoc on Nick’s life and eventually settles into Sarah’s body. After that, Nick has no choice but to tell his wife the truth of what’s been happening in The Gates and about some of its more interesting inhabitants.

Claire and Dylan are dealing with the aftermath of Christian introducing Emily to her human family. Determined not to let Christian win, they try to keep things civil and let her aunt visit. When the woman shows up with a social worker, they too decide that the truth is the only thing that will protect their family. They sit Emily down to have a big talk with her about who they are, only to find out that the little girl has already figured it out.

Charlie is still mad at Andie, but it’s Nina who has had enough. Acting more grown-up than the two of them put together, she talks to them both about how much they mean to each other. When Charlie is nearly drowned by his own mother (who was possessed by a ghost at the time), he can think of only Andie and decides to try and make it work between them.

My favorite bits…

Super spooky ghost girl making me jump right before the credits.

Dylan and Claire deciding to go to London to celebrate their 50th anniversary and to renew their bond.

Being completely grossed out when Nick cough up… hair?? Okay, all together now.. EEEEWWW!

Peg telling Nick that he had to confront the spirit to make it go away. Once again, I can’t help but to think of Supernatural. Maybe Nick should put Sam and Dean’s phone number on speed dial?

Emily calling her parents “Dragonslayers of the fourth order”. Right then I started wondering how much she had already figured out about her parents.

Theresa jumping from the screens to standing right in front of Nick. I hate to say it, but I didn’t expect him to just start screaming and cowering like a girl. I thought he’d order her to go away in a much more manly way. LOL.

Dylan and Emily discussing the intricacies of “pancake anatomy”. Too cute.

Getting worried the moment Sarah put her hand in the garbage disposal and then even more worried when she found the necklace in it.

The underwater tug of war between Nick and Theresa over Charlie. OMG so scary.

Nick salting the doorways… um…*stops self from making another Supernatural reference*

Nick apologizing to Theresa as he was preparing to kill himself. Oh man.

Starting to wonder exactly what Leigh is when she came out okay from being shot at point blank range.

Emily revealing that she already knows about what her parents are, asking how long they’d been like that and Dylan saying he used to walk around London before cars (oooh! Can we say flashback episode???).

Overall I liked this episode because it gave Sarah more to do and finally got her involved in what’s happening in The Gates. I was surprised that her first response was to suggest they leave, but now I’m curious to see how that’s going to work out since we all know they won’t actually go.

Oh and just gotta give props to my friend “Bluechester”, she guessed last week that Devon would be behind Sarah getting possessed by a ghost. I was totally clueless. LOL.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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