THE CLOSER “Executive Order” Review

Tonight’s episode of THE CLOSER, “Executive Order,” wrapped up the short, but sweet summer season. There were a lot of changes this season—new offices, a new job for Fritz, a new chief of police—and it looks like there might be more to come (I’m worried about Pope). Brenda faced off against some truly unique criminals over the past ten episodes, but I think tonight’s was one of the worst ever.

Kevin Mason, lunatic and narcissist, was convinced that the reason he was repeatedly rejected by the LA Fire Department was because he was white (it didn’t occur to him that he was rejected because he was PSYCHOPATH). So he decided to kill as many firefighters and police officers as possible since they represent a corrupt system. Was anyone else reminded of those Michigan militia members arrested earlier this year? Anyway, the FBI spent two years trying to find this guy while Brenda IDed him in a matter of hours. Major Crimes then managed to figure out his entire plan based on the clues he left behind: a failed IRS bombing, the dead paramedics, some bladder control medication, a couple missing oxygen tanks, and a stolen van.

It drives me crazy when Brenda is right and no one will listen to her. Why hasn’t everyone learned that Brenda is right 99% of the time? It was cool of Pope to take the heat and cancel the memorial himself. I think he really redeemed himself for his earlier bad behavior over these last two episodes.

So what does everyone think of the new chief of police Tommy Delk (played by Courtney B. Vance)? I was very impressed by the way he and Brenda worked together. I think she’s met her match in Delk—he seems to be good at getting what he wants without ruffling feathers like Brenda.

So that leads in to the big reveal…Delk is the new chief of police, not Brenda. I know that Brenda becoming chief would have changed the entire show (it wouldn’t be “The Closer” anymore it would be “The Chief”) but I’m still unbelievably disappointed that she didn’t get the job. She saved thousands of people from a terrorist’s nerve gas and this is thanks she gets? It’s so frustrating! But I guess that’s politics for you—the mayor would never appoint Brenda to be chief the day after she shot someone.

Some of my favorite moments from “Executive Order”:

Tao’s “Hooooooly Craaaap!”

Taylor telling Brenda that “life is not fair” and then immediately sucking up to Delk.

Flynn: “You don’t get ahead in this world by shooting dirtbags.”

Brenda handing out Ding Dongs (which, by the way, don’t come wrapped in foil anymore. Don’t ask me how I know this) to Major Crimes.

Like I mentioned above, I’ve really enjoyed this season of The Closer and I think this was an excellent summer finale. They did things a little differently in this episode by showing the killer committing the crimes right at the beginning. I always love seeing Brenda outsmart the bad guy, but after seeing Mason commit such a heinous crime, I really wanted to him pay. I’m also glad the promotion thing was resolved tonight and they didn’t leave us hanging until the winter season begins in December.

So what do you think about Delk becoming the new chief of police? What will happen to Pope? His comments about working on his resume worry me. And what about Brenda—is she mostly disappointed or mostly relieved? Let me know you thoughts on The Closer finale in the comments.

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