RUBICON “Caught in the Suck” Review

Rubicon (AMC) - Caught in the Suck

With RUBICON, it seems that the more we know, the less we know. Tonight’s episode “Caught in the Suck” starts pulling people together and revealing relationship dynamics, but we still don’t learn how anyone truly feels; for whom/what they are working for; or any concrete motives. On the surface, everyone is fighting for national security, the government, and API. But what’s underneath that surface; what’s the real goal?

Kale seems to enjoy being Will’s “guardian angel”. He rats out Maggie by telling Will about her snooping. She informs Will that it was a condition of being hired. She gets fired but Kale arranges another job for her as a temporary worker with possible transfer to a translator position. Kale reasons that Maggie would have started lying to him, so he couldn’t let that happen. Kale suggests that Will ask Ed Bancroft to help him with the puzzle. Will refuses, so Kale pays a visit to Ed (who distrusts him), persuading him to assist Will in making a connection between Atlas MacDowell, Donald Bloom, Edward Roy, and API. Ed goes into deep thinking mode and comes out a little crazier for it. But he manages to mumble the words Atlas, Leviathan, hydra, and four. Will digs further into Ed’s research and discovers that Garson Security (investigative firm that Roy works for), Citizens Institute (office of K. Krayer who we have yet to learn about), and Atlas MacDowell are all at the same location. He steals their telephone directory to prove it. So now we know Spangler and Roy are definitely in cahoots. Will asks Kale what it all means but Will doesn’t entirely trust him. Still at least Kale’s name isn’t in the directory. Kale must know more than he is letting on, considering he is able to link Japanese candy wrappers to Ed Bancroft. Does he really care about API? Does he really want to prevent what happened to David from happening to Will? Who killed David (since we only saw the back of the guy on the train, I was hoping David wasn’t really dead)? Is Kale bitter that his name isn’t in the directory, and so is helping Will as revenge?

At a meeting between Spangler, James Wheeler, Gilbert, and two other men, Wheeler testily assures Spangler that Katherine isn’t a problem they need to worry about. Later Wheeler notices that he is being watched. He leaves a message for Katherine apologizing for not being a better friend. She receives a photo of a young group of seven friends; a four-leaf clover is drawn on the back. If this is our group of conspirators (minus Roy), then two are dead for “compromising operational integrity”. Is Wheeler the next suicide?

Tanya and Miles are “guardians of truth” in this episode. They are escorted by the CIA to an undisclosed location, in order to translate the interrogation/torture of Egyptian terrorist Achmed Nazri, who is affiliated with Kateb (the Al Qaeda operative who survived the air strike evaluated by the API team). In their downtime, Miles admits his children don’t live with him, while Tanya admits her drug addiction. Miles determines that the CIA is trying to confirm a link between Tanaz Sahar (lady at wedding talking to George) and Kateb. In the end, Tanaz turns out to be a double agent. How important is the George-Tanaz-Kateb-Nazri storyline and how does it connect to Bloom-Roy-Spangler-API?

After Miles and Tanya update Spangler, he compliments Will and Grant for their input, but ostensibly leaves out Kale. Spangler is scary when he is nice. Is Kale the next target after David? Upon their return to API, Tanya is surprised that she is not fired after failing a drug test. In fact Spangler arranges for her to attend drug rehab, stating that Tanya would be “working here for a long, long time”. How ominous; what will Tanya end up having to do in return for Spangler “taking care of our own”?

What did you think of episode 8 “Caught in the Suck” of Rubicon?