Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Final Three Celebration Dinner and Season Recap

And if you thought that Big Brother couldn’t be any more of a snore this season, they hit us with a recap episode. We first get to see the the Final HoH competition, again and are reminded that six figures will soon be added to any of these three dodos bank accounts.

The three remaining players discuss The Brigade and the rest of their time in this house over a lovely dinner and wouldn’t you know it — it’s clip show time! Seriously, I want to forget most of what I have seen this season, so not sure why we thought about recapping it for a whole episode. But hey, it’s always good to look back right? In the mix, there are a few little gems that were surprisingly lost the first go around. It nice to see that Enzo was the mastermind behind the Brigade, back when we all thought that ‘alliance’ would last as long as Rachel’s lovely dye job.

We also got to see the craziness that was Andrew. There are a few houseguests that I really wish stuck around a whole lot longer and Andrew is one of them. With his understanding of secret alliances and lack of fear of exposing it to the house, Andrew made a great houseguest. We got to relive Andrew’s eviction and then the fight between Rachel and Kristen. And finally we got some funny with the Zingbot, which was a hell of a lot funnier in this recap than it was the first time around.

Oh and of course we were stuck with oodles of Rachel — the houseguests making fun of her laugh, her ‘love affair’ with Brendon and her ‘being’ Vegas. This girl really needs to go somewhere far, far away from me so I never have to hear her utter another word. We also got caught up on how funny Britney is, how dumb Lane is and that Matt STILL believes he is a genius. And watching Ragan pull $20K out of his pocket with his measly Saboteur job. Anyways, we only have a few days until we see the who gets the honor of being the final HOH, who they decide to bring along for the battle and who the jury house will bestow the big prize on.

Who will be watching with me?