EXCLUSIVE: LIFE UNEXPECTED Executive Producer Liz Tigelaar Interview

Life Unexpected (CW) Season 2
With the LIFE UNEXPECTED Season 2 premiere almost upon us (Tuesday, September 14 at 9pm on the CW), Daemon’s TV caught up with Executive Producer Liz Tigelaar who shared with us a few of the things we can expect this season. And as someone who has seen the premiere, I can tell you that it sets up the new season beautifully.

Liz Tigelaar talked about a possible future for Cate and Baze, Lux’s new direction this season, Buffy alum Emma Caulfield joining the cast, and much more. And let me tell you, Liz Tigelaar describes what’s coming up in the series in such a wonderful and insightful way that it made me fall in love with it all over again just listening to her. I hope you enjoy reading her answers as much as I did listening to them.

Just a warning though, the interview does include a few spoilers for the premiere episode, so if you want to remain unspoiled, I recommend you come back once you have seen the premiere. Of course don’t forget to watch the premiere of Life Unexpected on Tuesday, September 14 at 9pm on the CW. But for now enjoy the interview.

The first episode of this season is off to a great start. Is the rest of the season going to continue to be this crazy roller coaster?

Liz Tigelaar: I hope. I don’t know if we can pack quite as much in as we did. So it might not be quite as crazy but what I think everything that stems out of the first episode kind of shoots us like a cannon in a direction for the season that we’ll continue to follow. I think there are a lot of twists and turns this season and it’s pretty exciting. I would say that it’s probably a little more plotty than last season in terms of twists and turns and things happen. We’re definitely no ‘Vampire Diaries’ but in our own small way, plotty.

Baze’s bar burns down in the first episode. How will that affect him for the rest of the season?

Liz Tigelaar: It definitely affects him because it sets him off having to go in a new direction and kind of opening up a different world for him. He ends up going to interview at his dad’s wealth management firm and ends up interviewing with a character named Emma played by Emma Caulfield and that starts him on what will be a new journey. The two of them definitely have a love/hate relationship although it’s more just hate/hate at the beginning. As actors they have a lot of chemistry together and so they’re really fun to watch.

Can you talk about Emma Caulfield joining the show?

Liz Tigelaar: She’s amazing. We wrote the part for her. She’s incredible. We love her.

If Emma is going to be a possible love interest to Baze what does that mean for Cate and Baze?

Liz Tigelaar: We definitely brought her on as a love interest for Baze. There is the chance that Baze is more interested in her be a love interest but she’s kind of a potential. I think it’s interesting with Baze and Cate because Cate really has left Baze no choice but to move on because she made the choice that she did. I think that Cate liked that Baze busted into her wedding in some sick way. I think it was validating. I think that even if you can’t be with somebody you kind of still like them to be  in love with you, especially because a part of her is still in love with him. It’s not like that part shuts down just because she says ‘I do’. It’s a choice that she made but a feeling is still a feeling. So I think there’s a lot underneath that and I it’s going to be really hard for Cate to see Baze try to move on and hopefully, subsequently move on. I think there’s a bit of a loss for her.

Is there no hope for these two at least for this season?

Liz Tigelaar: No. I would never say that there’s no hope for them. Listen, we’re optimistic. We’re kind of in it for the long haul. I think that Cate and Baze, had they gotten together in 13 they would have broken up in 21 because they’re not ready for each other. They’re not even really friends. They’re all tangled up in these past feelings for each other and in these kind of fucked up parts of themselves. I think of Cate and Baze as a huge ball of yarn that’s all knotted up and has to be untangled before you can re-ball it up. I think that all we started to do by the end of last season was start to untangle and start to take out the knots. I think that’s what this season is going to be about, how do we see a new dynamic between them and how do we want them together. Not because TV tells us that they should be together because they’re soul mates, because they had a kid together in high school which doesn’t really make a lot of sense even though you want it, but how do we feel like there’s something really in them that actually makes them belong together, something real that isn’t based on the past. So I think it’s wanting to delve into giving them a real relationship and a foundation. It’s like laying the cement instead of just plopping something down on the ground.

Ryan is also really likeable so that you’re kind of rooting for him too. But this season introduces a new co-host with Ryan and Cate, so where does that leave him?

Liz Tigelaar: Well, I think that Kerr [Smith] has been very excited about dirtying Ryan up a little and making him not quite so perfect and I won’t go as far as to say that Ryan is still not perfect but I think what we’re going to discover is that Ryan is human. He’s a person who had a life before Cate and on some level there’s something kind of messed up in him that would make him choose a person like Cate because she really is fucked up. So he can’t be all that normal if he’s going there. I think we really want to explore that and delve into Ryan and a little bit of him putting his foot down on things, showing that even though Ryan has been the nice guy he still had his own selfish interest at times in mind. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everybody has selfish interests but I think there’s going to be something interesting in their marriage, like, in picking Ryan, Cate thought that she picked someone better than herself and if Ryan isn’t a lot better than her then why did she marry him. So I think that’s interesting.

What about Lux, who makes an interesting encounter in the first episode that leads to quite the reveal at the end? How will that continue on? Does that person stay throughout the season?

Liz Tigelaar: Yes. He will definitely be in the first thirteen. He is a big part of that arc and I think that it’s definitely a key relationship for Lux. Lux’s arc I think is in terms of, ‘Well, who am I now?’ What we talked about with Lux’s story is that Cate and Baze don’t know her that well. They know that she’s like a put together girl and they know that she seems really okay on the outside but she even said last season, ‘I’m not okay on the inside.’ So I think that we’re going to see some of that. And Eric, Mr. Daniels, is going to help to reveal that because I think she’s going to struggle in school, and she’s going to need help and she’s going to not want them to think that she’s a dud or for Cate to think she’s stupid or for Baze to think that she can’t do the things that he wants her to do. I think there’s a lot of, ‘I’m trying so hard to be a normal kid and be who my parents want me to be but I’m just not. Then fuck it. If I can’t be normal I’m going to do something not normal. Why bang my head against the wall trying to be something I’m not.’ So I think it’s kind of a journey to become normal. The question is why does she pick someone like Bug over someone like Jones. Why does she get entangled with someone like Eric instead of someone  like Jones. Why does she always walk away from the kind of good guy who’s appropriate, that she should be with.

Baze is going to work for his father. Is the bar now over?

Liz Tigelaar: No, no. The bar will come back. Baze wants to be a grownup. His own daughter didn’t choose him when push came to shove. She chose Ryan as the better person for Cate and I think that Baze wants to be the guy who gets chosen next time. So he’s going to try to embrace the life of that guy and it’ll be what it is. No. The bar is far from over and it’s still a set of ours and we’re still going to use it but it’s going to be a little journey with it.

Is there a question that no one has asked you about the show yet that you’d like to talk about?

Liz Tigelaar: Nobody has asked that much about Alice, Erin’s [Karpluk] character. She is on ‘Being Erica’.

Is she coming back?

Liz Tigelaar: She is but it won’t be until episode thirteen because she’s on ‘Being Erica’ until then.