TRUE BLOOD “Evil Is Going On” Review (Season 3 Finale)

True Blood (HBO) Evil Is Going On Season 3

TRUE BLOOD “Evil Is Going On” Review (Season 3 Episode 12) – And for my last True Blood review of the summer let’s talk about the highly anticipated season 3 finale, that we had to wait two very long weeks to see. So was it all that I was hoping for? Compared to previous season finales, I can’t say this one was my favorite. It didn’t leave me as on the edge of my seat as I expected it to, but it did leave quite a few questions open for next season, so at least there’s that. Let’s break it down.


Terry had a breakdown… of joy? Who does that? It’s adorable. Just had to mention it.


Whatever he did with Jesus definitely messed him up. Poor Lafayette, always finds himself in situations that scare the hell out of him. Now it seems that he can get visions of things that trouble you. Like Sam thinking about his past and killing his “girlfriend” and her boyfriend, and Arlene having Rene’s baby.
Oh and also we found out Jesus is a witch! I knew he was too good to be true…

Hoyt & Jessica

In all this darkness there is some light, as Jessica and Hoyt are getting ready to move in together. Unfortunately, Mama Hoyt just got herself a rifle to kill vampires, so these two will need to watch out next season. They are just too adorable though, so I hope nothing happens to either of them.


Jason is now taking over caring for Crystal’s people. To be honest, I would have been more heartbroken about their goodbyes if I understood why Jason likes her so much, but oh well. I hope Jason will get a more interesting storyline next season. I mean Fellowship of the Sun was pretty great so this season felt like a little bit of a letdown, but I guess it’s impossible to have stories for each characters be amazing each season.


Out of all the characters of True Blood, I feel that compared to previous seasons, we found out a whole lot about Sam this season. Not only that, he also changed a lot, which I think is for the better. Just the fact that he finally came out to Tara about being a shapeshifter and owning it is kind of awesome. I also like the fact that he is not all good. Although I don’t want him to go back to who he was, I enjoyed watching a mix of the old and new Sam, and hope we get more of him next season.

Sookie, Eric & Bill

When we last left these three, Eric was cooking in the sun with Russell, but Sookie ends up saving both of them, although a little reluctant to get Russell out since he does want to kill all of them after all. Was I the only one who found it hard to look at the burned up Russell? Yuck.

But the weirdest thing in tonight’s episode was Sookie going a little psycho throwing the remains of Talbert down the drain. Is it me or did it feel a little out of character for her? I half expected it to be some sort of hallucination or dream. Still not sure what that creepy laugh was all about.

Oh and Alcide shows up… but doesn’t really do much except have a talk with Sookie. I was hoping for more.

As for Russell, Eric and Bill buried him in concrete tangled up in silver chains. But here’s the twist, Bill turned on Eric and buried him too. Say what? Apparently Bill is intent on killing every vampire who has tasted Sookie’s blood in order to protect her. And just when Bill and Sookie were going to have yet another lovely reunion Eric shows up.

Apparently nothing could keep Eric Northman down, not even a little concrete (especially with a kick-ass sidekick like Pam) and he of course spills some secret about Bill that makes Sookie kick both of them out. So much for that reunion I was hoping would happen.

Well, well, I really didn’t expect these three to end up here. Even if Bill is out of the picture (which makes me really sad), I was at least hoping for some love from Eric or Alcide. Come on I need some romance…


And to end the moment we have all been waiting for. It’s Cliffhanger time!

There were a few scenes that left us wondering what would happen next, so I’ll talk about each on of them.

Tara is apparently leaving Bon Temps and taking Sam’s advice to start a new life. Not sure if that’s going to work out for her and I have a feeling she will be back soon next season.

Sam shoots at Tommy to get his money back. The only thing is we don’t know if the shot was fatal. But come on, even though Sam has a pretty violent past, I doubt that he would kill Tommy. Injure him? Sure. But kill him? No.

Bill starts a fight to the death with the Queen in order to protect Sookie. Well, we know that Bill probably won’t be killed off, so the question is, will he be able to kill the Queen? Either way, I’m still a fan of Bill.

Finally, Sookie takes off with the rest of the fairies. Where? We’re not sure. But I sure can’t wait to find out.

And to finish the season, Allan Ball had a special announcement for all of us True Blood fans during which he teased that season four would include more witches, more supernatural, and that we would find out exactly where Sookie went.

Is it next summer yet?

Now it’s your time to share. What did you think of the True Blood season 3 finale? Are you satisfied with all the questions they left us to ponder for the 9 months or so? Are you hoping for a Sookie and Bill reunion? Or maybe a Sookie and Eric one? What about Sam? Did you enjoy his story as much as I did this season? Head over to the comments and let’s me know what you thought.

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