MAD MEN “The Summer Man” Season 4 Episode 8

Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of MAD MEN “The Summer Man” Season 4 Episode 8 which airs on Sunday September 12 at 10pm on AMC.

Episode Synopsis: Mad Men “The Summer Man” Season 4 Episode 8 – Peggy and Joan must deal with questionable activities at the office. Miss. Blankenship returns to the office after having surgery on her eyes.

Season 4 Summary: The consequences of the shattering secrets exposed in season three will continue to reverberate in “Mad Men’s” fourth season, as the lives of the men and women of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce continue to evolve. As relationships are redefined and people are forced to face themselves and the world around them in new ways, the series will continue to question the traditional norms and the simmering societal frustrations between women and men with compelling storylines and resonant moments that are sure to enthrall as the new season unfolds.

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(Photos: Courtesy of AMC)