FLASHPOINT “Jumping at Shadows” Review

Flashpoint - CBS - Jumping at Shadows - Season 3 Episode 15

‘Jumping at Shadows’, the fifteenth episode of the third season of FLASHPOINT was about a little girl who found herself the target of assassins after witnessing the killings of her friend’s family three years previously. The assassins have found her again, and now it’s up to the SRU to find her before they do.

Meanwhile, Greg’s son visits his father. He comes with thorns: he wants to take on his stepfather’s surname, and he does not want to be legally obligated to see his father.

All in all, it was an entertaining episode of Flashpoint. It started off very well and ended with the usual melodramatic shlop Flashpoint seems to be unable to resist. The plotline of assassins going after this one girl was completely unbelievable but the MacGuffin made for such an engaging cat and mouse scenario that it was somewhat forgivable.

I did like that Greg’s son got to witness first hand his father’s job. That he got to hear his father chasing assassins to rescue a little girl with blazing guns and sentimentality was of course pure heroic fantasy, but this is television so why not.

The relationship between the 911 operator and the little girl was also touching. There probably are children who bond with, perhaps not 911 operators, but maybe Childline operators. That’s a depressing thought. The way they introduced the little girl: lying in the patio by herself then her frantic call to the 911 operator and finally her hiding under the bed was exciting; I immediately found myself caring about her-even her little monkey toy. Therefore I was truly worried about her. I wonder how her father managed to get her out of the house with the assassins still inside, especially when she screamed when he pulled her out from underneath the bed. But that’s just trivial nit picking.

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