ROOKIE BLUE “Takedown” Review

Rookie Blue (ABC) Finale- Season 1 Episode 12 "Takedown"

ROOKIE BLUE‘s season finale, the thirteenth episode, was called Takedown. There was a whole lot more action in this episode than the previous, with drug busts, stabbing and hookers galore.

After unintentionally screwing up the biggest drug bust in 50th preccint’s history, Andy tries to make for it by going undercover with Sam, posing as his drug dealer’s stripper girlfriend.

Gail finds herself on surveillance with Diaz when Epstein is called off on account of his girlfriend-a real stripper. Diaz, who is feeling uncharacteristically rebellious (probably to do with the evaluation comments he recieved the episode before) decides to break surveillance and check the warehouse out. Wow, nothing will go wrong here.

That was sarcasm. In the next scene a homeless guy stabs Diaz, Gail points a gun uselessly at him and yells but really doesn’t do anything in the way of stopping him, then she and Diaz are locked in a room. You would think this would turn into a sort of two-man play where they discuss their feelings, their relationship, something. Something so we can get to know them more as people. And I don’t mean whine, I mean…well, not whine. But no. Gail does a lot of nothing, Diaz sits on the ground and pants. But he’s shirtless, so I can forgive him.

Poor Traci. She’s on desk duty and isn’t stabbed or shot at once in the entire episode.

Undercover, Andy and Swarek are separated and Andy finds out Swarek is about to be executed. She warns the others who get there in time to save Swarek, though the entire action sequence is not shown.

Andy moves in with Callaghan and all is well.

There were some nice references to the first episode bookending the finale. All in all, a fine if unmemorable series with an above average cast and below average writing that somehow meets in the middle.

What was your opinion of the series finale and the season as a whole? Team Swarek or Team Callaghan? Or Team I Can’t Wait Until The Fall Season Starts? Leave your comments below!

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