ROOKIE BLUE “In Blue” Review

Rookie Blue "In Blue" Season 1 Episode 11 - ABC

ROOKIE BLUE is out for the summer. And if last night’s double episode season finale was anything to go by, I will definitely be longing for next summer to hurry on up…not. I mean, don’t get me wrong. It was fine. Rookie Blue is always fine; entertaining, safe and forgettable. Pasta without sauce.

The twelfth episode of the season ‘In Blue’ featured the death of a teen. There was no action, which, if anyone is a fan of Mad Men, can be a wonderful exploration into the psyches of the characters. Or, if anyone has ever seen The Secret Life of the American Teenager, can be pretty painful. This episode fell distinctly in the middle. That’s not to say it’s good. Just, you know, forgettable.

A teenage girl jumped off a roof after finding out she was pregnant. Her mother recently broke from her army tour abroad and reunited with her two daughters. Andy has to break the news to the girl’s older sister and mother that she has died.

Meanwhile, the rookies are getting their evaluations from their superiors. It starts off with Andy, who is still emotionally wrecked after a particularly tolling day of work, questioning whether she can carry on as a cop. It ends with her getting rid of her father’s badge and being given a new one.

She almost witnesses the suicide of the soldier who points a gun to her head minutes after finding out her youngest daughter is dead. Luckily, Noelle is on hand to talk the mother out of blowing her brains out. The entire situation, whilst well acted, was rather contrived. If she was about to kill herself, would she really let a cop know that she was going downstairs, or would she sneak off? It just seemed disrespectful to use her position in the army, her position as a mother and her suicide attempt to instil some drama into the episode.

Dov and Epstein, together, make one good cop. Together they discovered footage of the girl’s death.

Gail becomes attached to the body. She and Swarek leave the bar together. Gail and Swarek? An interesting couple.

Also, Traci’s ex comes into the station and back into her and her son’s life. He is really good looking. Am I shallow for seeing this as a perfectly acceptable reason for getting back with the fellow who left her alone to raise a child?

What did you think of the penultimate episode? Leave your comments below!

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