Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 11 Final Head of Household Competition/ Live Eviction

CBS' BIG BROTHER 12 Live Eviction #10

You know where you are – you’re in the jungle baby! Or actually you are just hanging from a rope in the BIG BROTHER backyard trying to win the first of the three Head of Household challenges. When we last left the Brigade, they had just sent Britney packing and were fighting for their right to make it to the final two. The Brigade, which according to Julie Chen, has been running this entire game are the last folks left, so get ready for TONS of filler.

So just guess who falls off the rope first? If you astonishingly guessed that Enzo lost less than twenty minutes into it, well then let’s give you a high five for being observant. Lane and Hayden battled it out for an additional two hours, with Hayden taking the big prize for the first round of the HOH competition. We then get to visit the beautiful state of New Jersey, specifically Bayonne Enzo’s home base, to meet his family. And they were adorably just what you expect and super proud of Enzo. His wife is gorgeous, daughter adorable and his family really loves this dude. And his wife pointed out that Enzo did really have a hand in most of the battles in the house, but was able to make it appear that he didn’t.

The Chenbot has us visit with the jury house, when Ragan moves in, and it should be exciting to see what happens between him and Rachel when they are finally stuck in the house together once again. Sparks didn’t really fly, but Ragan managed to make Rachel feel bad about herself once again. He also found out the harsh truth that Matt, his beloved “showmance’ partner, was lying about his wife being sick and it crushed him. Ragan owns up about being a professor of Communications and now we understand why he was so able to bring it to a fight with Rachel. Oh that poor girl.

And then it’s back to the game. Lane is first brought out to the backyard to another miss/match recognition game and gets all the answers right in just over a minute. Enzo comes out, gets everything right in about a minute and a half. Julie then let’s the players know that Lane won. This means it will be Hayden and Lane battling it out for the last HOH and able to pick who they will bring to the final two and stand in front of the jury house. At this point, I’m fairly certain Hayden has this in the bag and it would take a modern miracle for Lane or Enzo to come away with this.

Sunday will be a clip show, which will be dreadful to watch since this season has been so painfully boring, and next Wednesday will be the final HOH and we will finally find out which Brigade member will walk away with the big prize.