HAVEN “As You Were” Review

Haven (Syfy) -- "As You Were"

A shapeshifter crashes Audrey’s surprise birthday party on a desolate island in the “As You Were” episode of HAVEN. Duke brings Audrey to a small version of the hotel from The Shining where everyone she knows from Haven (who isn’t quarantined, anyway) is waiting with noisemakers and presents. Vaughn Carpenter, the owner of the island, is especially happy to see Audrey because she looks so much like Lucy Ripley from the Colorado Kid picture. Vaughn is a shape shifter, or chameleon as the sheriff calls him, and he needs a new body, so he takes one from one of the party guests, leading to quite the paranoid chameleon hunt complete with family squabbles (Eleanor and her daughter Julia give Nathan and the sheriff a run for their money in that department), a Nathan-Duke throw-down, and Nathan saving the day.

A moment of silence for Eleanor, please. While I admire the show’s willingness to up the stakes by killing off a likeable supporting character, I can’t help but sniffle. I would much rather have lost Julia, but I guess having a (now dead) mom who drops you on your head–twice–and couldn’t remember what country you’ve been in is punishment enough for being irritating.

“As You Were” starts to flesh out the Colorado Kid picture back-story. Vaughn tells us Lucy Ripley is the woman in the picture while Vince admits he knew her well, too, and that she helped many people around Haven. That’s a nice echo of Vince saying the party was the least they could do for Audrey who had already helped Haven so much. The big reveal; though, is that Duke is the boy in the picture. Important to know, and I hope we find out why everyone has kept their mouths shut so far. Trust issues or a more serious conspiracy? Is anyone else looking forward to Audrey interrogating Duke?

Wow, did I underestimate Nathan at the beginning of this series–almost as much as his father still does. Nathan is so much tougher than the sheriff thinks, though I think that final exchange might help him buy a clue. Why does the sheriff say Nathan will have to deal with the troubles alone? Is he foretelling his own death?

Nathan’s reveal of Audrey as the chameleon is very well done, especially given how much of a unit they`ve become. When he looked at the chair he must have realized he didn’t feel her untie him, so he kissed her to confirm and make his shooting her that much more shocking (fascinating that he doesn’t tell Audrey about the kiss or that he can feel her touch). That Audrey survived the chameleon’s attack is yet one more sign that she is somehow immune to the troubles and/or can counteract them. How much of that did Lucy have and why didn’t she stick around?

This is my favorite episode so far. The core characters are all in one place and there’s a nice Agatha Christie vibe. Plus, we get a Stephen King shout-out with Vince’s birthday gift of a first edition of Misery Unchained: “signed by the author just before that lady chopped off his foot” and no one has to be quarantined. I do wonder where the wife went, though.

There are a lot of great exchanges tonight, but my favorite line comes from Audrey. After the sheriff asks who says he should play by the same rules as everyone else, she says, “the whole room who’s about to go Lord of the Flies on your ass.” I also really like the sheriff calling Duke “yoga mat” and Duke saying “This is why you don’t throw people birthday parties.”

It finally feels like we’re getting forward motion on the mythology front and that Haven is opening up its storylines. I’m really sorry we had to lose Eleanor to do it, but I can’t wait to see what we learn next because I have so many more questions after this episode.

What did you think of “As You Were?” Why do you think Vince and Duke stayed quiet this long about knowing Lucy?

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