GLEE Season 2 Episode 2 Photos (With John Stamos)

GLEE Season 2 Episode 2

Check out photos of the second episode of GLEE Season 2 “Britney/Brittany” (Season 2 Episode 2) which airs Tuesday September 28, 2010 at 8pm on FOX. You can also check out the season 2 cast photos of Glee here. You can also find all the Fall 2010 TV premiere dates here and read our Fall 2010 coverage.

Episode Synopsis: GLEE “Britney/Brittany” Season 2 Episode 2 – A trip to the dentist for the Glee clubbers gives them hallucinations while Brittany’s psyche comes to focus and they sing some of special guest star Britney Spears’ greatest hits. (

Show Summary: GLEE follows a group of eager and ambitious students as they strive to outshine their singing competition to win Nationals while navigating the cruel halls of McKinley High. Although New Directions lost at Regionals, they now have their sights set on making it to Nationals and defeating their arch rivals, Vocal Adrenaline.

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