DARK BLUE - TNT - Season 2 Episode 7 - Home Sweet Home

Episode seven of DARK BLUE entitled ‘Home Sweet Home’ started off with the usual foray into a formulaic yet entertaining undercover case, this time with Ty posing as the newest member of a crew of thieves. He convinces them to rob the wealthy couple Carter and Alex Bailey.

Secret cameras installed, police teams ready to raid, Dean on surveillance with his injured leg, it is all turning out to be the usual Dark Blue episode (if a lot cleaner in its storytelling and far less contrived with its plot twists) when suddenly Ty finds himself accused of being an undercover, along with two others on the thief team.

Unable to arrest the thieves without ruining Ty’s cover and thereby ensuring his death, Carter and Alex have no choice but to delay. I’ve become quite a fan of this relationship. Alex makes Carter seems less of a sullen Cylon (heh), Carter makes Alex’s role, well, relevant to the show. I was also rather shocked when Alex knifed one of the thieves.

Jamie’s role in this was quite minimal yet crucial. She tried to track Ty down, eventually even meeting his girlfriend. She arrived in the nick of time (there’s no such thing as traffic in Los Angeles, is there?) to save Ty.

Meanwhile, Ty tries to play a psychological game with his fellow hostages and his accuser. This he ultimately wins thanks to his undercover prowess.

It was a very entertaining, well-written and acted episode of Dark Blue, perhaps my favourite of the series. I loved how the plot splintered into Ty versus his accusers, Carter and Alex versus the thieves, Dean and Jamie versus the clock. I also liked that they kept up the continuity regarding Dean’s leg and did not have him suddenly limping to Ty’s defence. It added a layer of realism to the show.

What did you think of this episode? Love it or loathe it? Oh, and I’ll give out a gazillion thank-yous if anyone can name the film playing when Carter and Alex were pretending to sleep on the couch!

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