Shawn and Aaron Ashmore to Visit FRINGE

Shawn and Aaron Ashmore

Having an alternate universe gives FRINGE the perfect reason to cast twins, and it looks like Shawn and Aaron Ashmore are first up. Show Patrol is reporting the brothers will appear together on the series this fall.

Shawn and Aaron will play the alternate versions of each other with one in our world and one on the other side. While there are no details as to their episode’s plot, there should be some exciting action involved and it will probably air in November.

Shawn, who is best known for playing Iceman in the X-Men films, said that he and his brother Aaron (Smallville‘s Jimmy Olsen) hadn’t acted together in around fifteen years because they weren’t offered any good projects. As for Fringe, Shawn enthused, “I think the quality of Fringe is really high and the episode is done well and our characters are intelligent. We’re going to have some fun.”

Fringe returns for its third season on FOX Thursday, September 23 at 9pm/8 central. You can find all the fall premiere dates and times here.