Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 10 Power of Veto Competition/ PoV Ceremony/ Eviction

Well at least the Brigade was reliable. As annoying as this alliance has been on BIG BROTHER 12, you have to give it up for these guys being as true to each other, except for that whole backdooring Matt thing, throughout this game. They have run the game from the sidelines, avoiding the brunt of any hostility and giving each other a real fair chance at taking home the big prize at the end. But ugh did it break my heart to see Britney be informed about the Brigade this week.

When Hayden cleaned up, and he did just that, during the Power of Veto competition and they knew they were going to evict Britney, I thought it was respectable that they wanted to let her know about it. Of course, she didn’t have to take it well – would you? The awkwardness of Enzo and Lane informing Britney of the alliance when Hayden went downstairs was awful. Honestly, I think all three of these dudes liked Britney, and more importantly respected her, which is why they didn’t play dumb or blindside her during the inevitable POV/Elimination ceremony. And for that I give them even more credit. Sadly, it was just too much for Britney to handle, especially since she had try to convince both Lane and Hayden to get rid of Enzo this week. She felt used, and it’s easy to understand why, but I think the difference between this alliance and others from past seasons is that this was authentic. It wasn’t out of necessity or fear, but created back when the house was full of guests. And it’s also proof that the way to play this game is under the radar and without enemies. When Hayden doesn’t use the POV and Enzo regrettably evicts Britney, there was no ill will. The final four were actually friends and had respected each other. All of the guys felt guilty about keeping it a secret from Britney so long, and said so in their DR messages to her. She told Julie right after she was evicted that she had no hard feelings because she really loved these guys and that they were her family. Julie asked her why she didn’t listen to Reagan a few weeks back about the Brigade and she said she had sort of believed it, but felt that she was actually working with these guys. LADIES – please step up next season and play for you.

Anyways, Britney was a strong competitor, but there was NO way she would have walked away with the big prize against any of these three so it’s actually silly for them to have evicted her. But an alliance is an alliance, right? We leave the remaining three, Enzo, Hayden and Lane, hanging on ropes in the backyard battling the rain and flying from side to side and battling for the HOH. Who knows who will end up winning, but my hope is that it’s Lane or Hayden. In the end, I have to vote for one of these three and if I were a betting woman, my bet is that Hayden walks away with the big prize. Well, that is if he wins this week. Hayden, out of the remaining Brigade members, has played the best game. He has repeatedly won competitions, orchestrated backdoor deals and did it all without getting one angry rant directed at him. Well except for that one time with Rachel. Enzo and Lane are like Natalie, just without the controversy. Yes, they were under the radar, but they never did ANYTHING. I respect players like Hayden because they mixed it up and hey, he gave up making out with Kristin to make it this far. That has to get hims something, right?

Who do you think walks away with HOH this week? And who do you think will end up winning the whole shebang? Leave your thoughts in the comments!