PSYCH Plans Twin Peaks Episode

PSYCH does themed episodes better than any other show on TV, and now word is that they’ve got their sights set on 90s cult favorite Twin Peaks. Michael Ausiello is reporting that Psych is doing a Twin Peaks themed episode and many of the show’s former actors will be making an appearance.

Guest stars will include Sheryl Lee (who play murder victim Laura Palmer on Twin Peaks), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey), and Dana Ashbrook (Bobby), who will play residents of Dual Spires, a “Northern California town that has been rocked by the death of a high school student.”

There will also be cameos by Catherine Coulson (Log Lady), Lenny Von Dohlen (agoraphobic horticulturist Harold), and Robyn Lively (seductress Lana). Ray Wise (Leland) will also reprise his Psych role of Father Westley.

The Twin Peaks themed episode of Psych is co-written by actor James Roday. Look for it to air this fall.

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