America's Next Top Model / Hellcats
Tonight, September 8, the CW’s premieres its new series HELLCATS at 9pm right after the return of my own guilty pleasure AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL at 8pm. Having already seen the premiere episodes for Hellcats and the first two of America’s Next Top Model, let me give you a few thoughts on what we can expect this new Fall season.

Let’s start with America’s Next Top Model beginning its Cycle 15 tonight. This season the new contestants fight for a new, more exciting prize: A fashion spread in Vogue Italia and an additional spread and cover of Beauty in Vogue (which is a step up from the usual Seventeen Magazine cover), a contract with IMG Models, and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics. The competition is on!

Apart from this change in prize, America’s Next Top Model is back just the way we like it. Lots of catfighting, snipping, and of course lots of photoshoots and challenges.

Following America’s Next Top Model, let me introduce you to Hellcats. Now first let me warn you, if you are not a fan of CW shows such as One Tree Hill, 90201, and Melrose Place, Hellcats is not for you. However, if on the other hand this is your type of thing, then you might actually enjoy Hellcats. In the first episode “A World Full of Strangers” we meet Marti (Aly Michalka), a law student at Lancer University, who finds out that her scholarship is about to be cancelled. With no other choices left, she decides to try out for Lancer’s cheer squad, the Hellcats.

If you are having flashbacks from Bring it On, you would be absolutely correct. In fact Marti actually watches the movie to prepare for her audition, so the series is obviously aware of the similarities. Unfortunately, it does not live up to its level. That said I actually found myself enjoying the episode more than I first anticipated. It appealed to my guilty pleasure side and for now I’m going to continue watching.

Is it a must see show? No. But if you have nothing better to watch tonight (or while you’re waiting for Terriers to start on FX at 10pm), why not give Hellcats a chance tonight at 9pm on the CW. You can check out a photos and a preview for the series here.