Donal Logue talks about the FX series TERRIERS

Donal Logue interview

FX premieres its new show, TERRIERS tonight, Wednesday, September 8 at 10pm. About an ex-cop and his best friend who run a private investigator service, Terriers stars Donal Logue (Grounded for Life) as “Hank Dolworth” and Michael Raymond-James (True Blood) as “Britt Pollack”. I have already seen the pilot episode and it was great.

Daemon’s TV was part of a conference call interview with series star, Donal (which we were told is pronounced like “donut”, LOL) Logue, who joined us from his car to discuss his character Hank, what it was like working with his good friend Michael, his female costars, doing some of his own stunts and more.

On his chemistry with costar Michael Raymond-James.

Donal said that he and Michael bonded over a Jack Kerouac novel after a long shoot on a previous project. When he joined Terriers and Michael came on board too, Donal said it was like finding a long lost friend. The two of them are best friends off screen as well as on and even rent a beach house together when shooting in San Diego. He also said that he invented a history between his character and Michael’s so that he could play the role, but found out that most of it was wrong. He didn’t mind though, as he said the writers did a much better job than he did.

On the women on the show.

Donal said it was genius how the women on the show were written and was very happy to get a chance to work with his own sister Karina, who will play Hank’s sister in upcoming episodes. Donal remarked that he grew up with three sisters and no brothers and doesn’t understand when men are portrayed as being unable to talk to women in tv and film. He believes that men and women can be friends and talk to each other and he loves what comes out of his character when working with his female costars.

When asked to describe Terriers.

Donal said that Terriers is a throwback to the golden age of 70’s buddy PI (private investigator) tv shows, but updated with FX’s sensibility and realism. He said the show is a fun ride with a dramatic edge and that it has a visceral reality to it.

On his character Hank.

When asked about his character, Donal said that he likes Hank because he doesn’t give up. Hank has lost everything so now he’s free to embark on a new life. Donal said that the role of Hank fell on him at the right time in his life as this was the perfect time to play him. When asked what aspects of his life are in Hank, he remarked that he made big changes to Hank’s wardrobe. At first the wardrobe department wanted to put him in slacks and button down shirts but he asked if he could put in his own ideas, having grown up in a beach community himself. Donal also noticed that most ex-cops and ex-military tend to loosen up when they’re out and wanted Hank’s clothes to reflect that. He said that changing his wardrobe led to him bringing Hank closer to who he was.

On playing the more serious aspects of his role.

Donal said that there was a dark time in his life, from about 1989 to 1991, where he was bouncing around Los Angeles and New York basically homeless. Later he was surprised to find out from friends that though his life was not going well, all of them still thought he was fun to be around. Donal said that is how he tries to play Hank as well – even though his life is bad he doesn’t put it on anyone else, he pulls it all into himself.

On doing his own stunts.

Citing himself as a difficult guy to double because of his size, Donal remarked that he’s had to do his own stunts a lot and that it’s always fun doing that kind of stuff. Though he also mentioned that there was a fight in the second episode where he misjudged, injuring his shoulder enough that they actually had to write it into the show since it became an ongoing problem throughout the rest of the season.

On the possibility of writing or directing future episodes.

Donal said that he would probably not be writing or directing any episodes of Terriers. He said that it would be hard since he’s in nearly every scene and it would be difficult when playing a role with such a heavy character arc.

On shooting in San Diego.

Donal likes that the show is shot all over San Diego and that the people behind Terriers know the difference between each part of the city. He hopes that San Diegans will feel represented by people who actually know the area. He remarked that they are out shooting all over town 6 days a week, even though it costs more to do it that way (rather than doing a lot of work in studios). He also remarked that it was nice to shoot there as he thinks that people probably get burned out by seeing LA and NY all the time as background for shows.

On the simple premise of the show.

The tagline for Terriers is “Too small to fail” and when asked to talk about the simple premise of the show, Donal said that he liked that FX knows exactly what kind of show Terriers is and that it is totally character driven.

Terriers airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on FX and will run for 13 consecutive episodes.

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