COVERT AFFAIRS “Fool in the Rain” Review

Covert Affairs "Fool in the Rain" Review

Annie and her sister are off for a few days of well earned rest and relaxation in this episode of COVERT AFFAIRS, called “Fool in the Rain”. Of course Annie’s job being what it is, her vacation is cut short when an assignment gets dropped on her plate. An Iranian man wants to defect to the US and seeks help from the CIA and since she’s the only one in the area, Annie is sent in to get him. As she tries to coordinate an op without letting her sister in on what she’s actually doing, it is decided that the man doesn’t have valuable enough intel for them. Finding out that his dreams of living in America with his long lost love are coming to an end, the man runs off on his own to find her, and instead ends up in the hands of those he was trying to escape. Annie of course saves the day (rather spectacularly, there was a waterfall involved and everything).

Annie is still being plagued by memories of Ben and their time in Sri Lanka. She is trying to convince everyone that she’s forgotten about him but the more she remembers, the more we get to see what really happened. We find out that a man came to see Ben right before he took off and it takes her some time, but the sight of Jai in a baseball cap suddenly triggers and Annie realizes that it was him.

Meanwhile Auggie gets caught by Arthur running his own op on Liza and actually gets the approval to keep going. Except now he has to work with Arthur and keep it from Joan, in order to protect her from the potential fall out. Arthur orders Auggie to give a lie to Liza in order to narrow down who the actual leak in the agency is.

My favorite bits…

Danielle blaming Annie for not talking her out of marrying her husband, as the Maid of Honor’s duty.

“Freeze Frame” by the J. Geils Band making an appearance on the show. Nice. I love that song!

Liza telling Auggie that he does just fine in “the reciprocating department”. Whoa. *fans self*

Arthur and Joan having to check with their therapist to see what his clearance level was before sending him out of the room to discuss what was really bothering them – Annie.

Auggie calling Annie “Slugger”. Cute.

Annie’s sister flipping out when she saw Yahya in her car and ordering him to “put.. the.. fruit rollup.. down!”.

Cracking up at the sight of Yahya and Danielle in their yellow raincoats and playing skeeball.

Yahya telling Danielle that his childhood sweetheart was divorced, according to “the Facebook”.

Annie telling Jai “if this guy’s a plant, the world has been seriously underestimating Iran’s sense of humor”.

Knowing that Annie wasn’t going to stay out of it as soon as she told Joan that she would. We all know she can’t leave someone in trouble, especially not a sweet guy like that.

Freaking out until Annie got Yahya back up safely from dangling over the falls. Whew.

Being extremely suspicious as soon as Danielle stepped out in the robe looking very guilty.. and then cracking up when it turned out to be Michael who’d been with her in the closet.

Next week is the two hour season finale of Covert Affairs and after watching this episode, I can see why they are stretching it out. There is so much happening now. We’ve got Auggie’s op with Liza and finding out who the leak is, then there’s of course the whole Ben story, plus how (and if) she’s going to approach Jai about what he was doing in Sri Lanka. I guess this is going to put a damper on the two of them dating again, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I thought this episode was good, but now I’m just excited to see what they do with all the loose ends they set up in it.

What did you think of the episode? Do you have any favorite bits or least favorite bits? I’d love to hear from you!

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