WAREHOUSE 13 “When and Where” Review

Warehouse 13 (Syfy)--"When and Where"

WAREHOUSE 13 meets Mad Men in the “When and Where” episode while tackling the question of whether or not you can change the past. Rebecca St. Clair tells the team about a 1961 case she and Jack investigated where four women connected to a were turned to glass and shattered, explaining that she has no memory of the last day of their investigation. Helena realizes that their twenty-two hour, nineteen minute blackout means someone used her time machine and to go back to that day via Jack and Rebecca. After a film in the time machine’s crate shows it was Pete and Myka who went back, they do just that and find and hide the artifact, but are unable to prevent any deaths.

I knew the time machine had to come into play, but it happened much sooner and in a much more interesting way than I expected. The case itself is a bit meh–I pegged the wife very quickly–but it’s also not the point of this very rich episode. I’m glad Rebecca gets such a lovely and bittersweet send-off with her character starting her younger self’s romance with Jack with her dying breath.

Helena’s reveal of why she went back in time and what she so desperately wanted to change is deftly handled and her hopeful face when she asks if Pete and Myka were able to save anyone breaks my heart. Does anyone doubt that what she did to the men who killed her daughter was in fact the worst pain a person can suffer? I’m glad Warehouse goes with the whatever happened, happened version of time travel. Anything else would be much too messy.

We get to the root of Artie’s rage tonight. He couldn’t trust MacPherson, so how can he trust Helena? Really, I think he’s not sure he can trust himself at this point after both MacPherson and his past have bit him and those he cares about in the bum and his anger is all over the place. Very tense moment when he has a tesla on Helena and I don’t doubt for a second he could/would have killed her if Pete and Myka hadn’t come back. Artie being Artie, though, he admits when Helena does a good job and gives Myka-the teacher’s pet in every decade-much-needed praise, as well. There is (momentary) peace across the land, so Claudia should be able to be less nervous. That is one rough staff meeting at the beginning of the episode.

Talk about geek overload–in the absolutely best possible way. We have Julian Sark and Principal Snyder in the same episode, a Get Smart shout-out, and, hello, flux capacitor! Plus, I totally subscribe to the whack the machine until it works theory of repair and “He’s a bit of a sphincter” is my new favorite insult. I love the knife being the source of the Cinderella story. Fairy tales really are just that creepy when you read the non-Disneyfied versions.

I wish we were able to spend a little more time in the 1961 warehouse and I really wish we could have seen 1961 Mrs. Frederick, who probably looks exactly like 2010 Mrs. Frederick. I do love the continuity with the Mann Ray camera mention, though and 1960s sexism is highlighted well without it feeling like a lecture.

“When and Where” does an excellent job uniting the new team and giving us even more reason to care about Helena, which makes me nervous about the two part season finale starting next week. It looks like Warehouse 13 will be pulling out all the stops and someone will die. I’m hoping Helena is the too obvious choice and we lose Adwin Kosan or even Kelly instead, but I’m not holding my breath. Whatever happens, I love how the mythology is being revealed and I hope that continues.

What did you think of “When and Where?” Is Artie warming a tad toward Helena as bad a sign as I think it is?

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