RIZZOLI & ISLES “The Beast in Me” Review

Rizzoli & Isles (TNT) -The Beast in Me

I am glad that RIZZOLI & ISLES did not use this episode “The Beast in Me” as its season finale. An identity thief is strangled and stabbed with an ice pick to the brain. When all ideas to identify the victim come up empty, Korsak in his infinite wisdom surmises that the victim has connections to a former infamous Irish mob boss called Patrick Doyle (John Doman). He’s right; the victim is Patrick’s son Colin Doyle (Michael Antosy). Colin has the same DNA profile as Maura, making them siblings.

There is a pad with drawings of the same building, which is useful in finding out where Colin has been living and “working”. At this building, Jane and Frost find Drew Beckett (Chris Coy). He and Colin created an encryption scanner for thieving and decoding. With a 250,000 deposit in his account, Drew clearly sold out Colin’s location to the someone who murdered Colin. Whoever killed Colin knew it would draw out Patrick.

A man identifying himself as Mr. Selsi, but who is actually Patrick, comes to identify his son. With a self-inflicted slice of his hand, Patrick gives Maura a sample of his blood to test. Yes, he is her biological father. For her protection, Patrick kidnaps Maura; tells her she is in danger; gives her a cell phone to contact him about Colin’s killer; and then lets her go. Patrick refuses to divulge any information about Maura’s biological mother, except that she reluctantly gave up Maura to keep her safe. Patrick also tells Maura that he has been keeping an eye on her. Creepy or loving? I kept thinking about Sting’s song “Every Breath You Take”, which sounds like a love song but is actually about an obsessive stalker.

Jane and Frost get access to the tape from Colin’s in-car road assist system. The voice matches Tommy O’Rourke (Jack Conley), another notorious mob man who is even more dangerous than Patrick. Well not quite, Tommy is found stabbed with an attached photo of Patrick holding Maura as a baby. Again, sweet or gruesome?

In other scenes interspersed here and there, Frankie gets Frank, Sr a plumbing job, and gets roped into helping his dad. Water is everywhere. Jane and Maura are recruited to repair the repair.

I thought we had fixed the kinks from the initial episodes of Rizzoli & Isles. I was hoping that it would build on the past couple of pretty good episodes to a whopper of a finale. Oh well. As usual, I do like seeing Maura reveal her feelings on the show. Maura’s benign neglect theory about her adoptive parents (from the last episode) is a strong contrast to the father who gives her up, watches over her, but who leads a life that Maura is completely opposed to. Now she has to be afraid of having personality traits like those of Hoyt and Patrick! The introduction of Maura’s mob father opens the door to many new opportunities for her character. Maura’s emotional side offers much more complexity than her analytical spewing of details. The fact that she is adopted also allows an opening for different and interesting developments. I hope the show will take advantage of the possibilities. Think positive; it could still be a riveting summer finale.

What did you think of episode 9 “The Beast in Me” of Rizzoli & Isles?