PSYCH “One, Maybe Two, Ways Out” Advance Review

PSYCH "One, Maybe Two, Ways Out" Review

In the season 5 finale of PSYCH, called “One, Maybe Two, Ways Out” Shawn and Gus get a chance to “Bourne it up” when a spy (who’s a friend of a friend) asks for their help. But they end up getting involved with a lot more than they bargained for as there are lots of twists and turns on this case. I was never sure who to trust or what the truth was until the end. I mean there were bad guys who turned out to be good guys, good guys who were bad and people who kept flipping back and forth so much I didn’t know which end was up. In fact things were so convoluted for the guys that at one point, Shawn has to ask for help from the last person in the world you would think, and the last person he would want to make such a request from. To quote Shawn, the case ends up being a matter of national, international and guber-national security.

Last week Shawn came this close to admitting to Jules that he wasn’t who he claimed to be, only to have the rug pulled from under him when Declan beat him to it and revealed his own lies. In this episode we see the aftermath of that and how Shawn’s dealing with it. We also see that Declan continues the no lying policy, taking it to lengths you wouldn’t believe.

Now because this is an advanced review and I can’t give away any spoilers, I’m just sorry that I can’t list off all my favorite bits and talk about all the awesome 80’s references, standard Shawn & Gus-isms like the fist pumps, and.. okay maybe I’ll say a few.

C Thomas Howell guest stars.

Jon Gries (who I loved in Real Genius) also guest stars.

Shawn annoys people like he always does.

Shawn gets a chance to wear an overcoat like a spy.

They somehow manage to fit in a version of that famous tv game show “Name That Tune”, but you’ll just have to watch to see how they do it.

We get some awesome Serious Shawn Moments and he may just end up revealing more to Jules than he thought he would.

There, that’s it, I can’t say anymore. Sigh.

Psych is usually all about the laughs and I love that, but man do I also love it when they put in the serious stuff too. They never do too much, not ever overdoing it, but always put in just enough to keep us wanting more. All the little serious moments are like tiny treats and in this episode there were two that really go to me.

Overall I loved it and oh boy, what can I say about the ending? Well that’s just it – I can’t say anything about it. What I wanted to do as soon the episode ended, was run up here, jumping up and down and screaming “Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! Did you see what happened when..?!”

But I can’t do that.

So I’ll just say that the end of the finale for Psych had me gasping just as hard as the end of the finale for White Collar.. but for totally different reasons. 😉

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