MELISSA & JOEY “The Perfect Storm” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "The Perfect Storm"

Mel, still wanting to be “Fun Aunt Mel”, scores tickets to the coveted Green Day concert to surprise Lennox, but is surprised by Joey’s discovery that Lennox isn’t scoring much in the way of chemistry grades on this week’s episode of MELISSA & JOEY.

Despite the fact that Mel knows she must discipline Lennox, who is in serious danger of failing chemistry, the reformed party girl and hopeful “fun aunt” inside her has a hard time doing so. Luckily for Mel she has Joey who always seems to have the best parenting advice. Seriously, wouldn’t you want him to raise your kids? Mel is nearly derailed by the whirlwind and unexpected arrival of her father, Senator Burke, whose only desire it seems is to spoil the children and destroy any parental authority that Mel has managed to create.

After managing to stay strong in the face of her father, Mel leaves the children in Joey’s capable hands to attend a councilwoman crisis. Lennox is studying and griping about chemistry and Ryder is cracking jokes and doing whatever Ryder does when not cracking jokes. (Note: I love that kid). However, Joey is not completely immune to Senator Burke’s charm or promise of a Rolex and soon the kids are off attending parties and going to arcades until late into the night with Mel none the wiser. Joey’s anger has no effect on the Senator and his attempts to come clean to Mel also fall on deaf ears.

When Lennox announces her plans the next day to move to D.C. with her grandparents, everyone’s listening. Joey and Mel launch a typical reverse psychology plan that actually appears to be working until Joey veers from the plan after hearing the Senator’s highly condescending and sexist plans for Lennox. Luckily, Lennox is a smart girl, chemistry notwithstanding, and decides for herself that the best course for her is to stay with Mel and to make something for herself. Just like that, Lennox doesn’t mind studying and all is well in the Burke household.

It is time for me to admit it. I am a fan of Melissa & Joey. The last couple of shows got me hooked. Mel and Joey are meshing better humor wise, the plots are improving, and everyone seems to be settling comfortably in their roles. Even, I, in my role as a viewer. I love how the writers are attempting to deal with real parenting issues, but doing so in a light-hearted way. After all, this is only a half hour comedy. That is why I am willing to excuse the quick plot wrapups and quick turnaround of the characters. Another thing that I am really enjoying is the adult humor that sneaks its way into each episode. Yes, Melissa & Joey are on ABC Family, but that doesn’t stop the innuendos and adult jokes from flowing. When Mel said “Back the truck up”, I immediately laughed knowing that the character really wanted to use a word starting with “f” and not “tr.”

So now that we are a few weeks into Melissa & Joey, what are your thoughts? Do you find it gets better with each episode like I do? Have you loved it from the start? Do you totally hate it? Finally, who is your favorite character on the show? Mine, of course, is Ryder. With lines like “Fun. I hang out with all the zeros on your tests”, what’s not to love? Share your thoughts on the show, this episode and the characters in the comments below.

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