Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 10 Head of Household Competition/ Nomination Ceremony

big brother 12

Oh there’s no place like the BIG BROTHER house for the holidays. When we left off with the houseguests, they were wrangling Christmas ornaments through chicken wire to decorate a tree. The winner of this competition will become the next Head of Household and secure themselves a position in the final three. Hayden killed at this challenge, apparently thanks to his many years of experience of tree decorating, while Enzo was being his typical mediocre self and Britney was taking out some sort of aggression on the Christmas balls. Eventually, Hayden beat them all to secure himself the HOH spot. When we got to see his HOH room, he had a letter from his father and a basket of shampoo goodies, which Lane seemed a bit too perturbed about.

With less players, there will always be more filler and since these four remaining houseguests genuinely like each other, it’s all filler. Enzo continues to yammer on and on about the “boom boom Brigade” in the diary room, making me fear the day this dude could possibly win this whole game. At this point in the house, the only two “real” players are Britney and Hayden – who actually won things, played the game and didn’t just back and let it happen to them. I honestly believe these are the only two who deserve to walk away with the cash, but I know with Big Brother it’s never that simple.

The houseguests are asked to participate in one of the last luxury comps, where one of the houseguests will walk away with $10,000. Lane wants the money so he can buy some more Muscle Milk, because lord knows this dude has nothing else going on for him. The four were to hide coin with their name on it within the house and the one to find all of the coins, before someone found theirs, would win. It came down to Lane and Britney, with Britney securing herself an oceanside massage during her upcoming vacation thanks to winning the money, which is surprising since Lane thought she would spend it on Lipstick and Leggings. UGH! See ladies this is why during the next season you need to team up with each other and keep yourselves in the game, as these types of dodos know relatively little about the female species.

Britney tries to break up the tension, and possibly prove her worth in the house, with pillow fights and pillow talk with Hayden. She wants to stay in this house and continues to fight for her right to with Hayden up until the moment before nominations. Britney, now afraid she will be kicked out of the house and broken up with by her fiance whom she hasn’t spoken with in three months, tries to chat it up with Lane and he has no issues with it. The two would actually make an adorable couple, but I have a feeling this is purely a BB house crush and nothing more. And no matter how much flirting she does now, there is no way the Brigade would keep her around unless she gives them a real reason to. Sadly, Britney knows she is going home, or at least will have to fight for the POV. And what sucks is that it came so easily to Britney early in the game where she didn’t have to use you know she will have to almost kill herself to get it now.

During the nomination ceremony, Enzo is the only player who is safe, putting Britney and Lane on the block. Enzo, once again, relies on his alliance to save his butt and continues his streak of mediocrity in the house. While I have to give it to the Brigade for keeping their alliance a secret for so long and using it to get them this far in the game, it’s not that shocking they were able to get it past this season of contenders. Not to put a damper on this season when we still have two more weeks, but man was this a rough one. Little to no strategy other than keeping yourself out of trouble, secret alliances with no guts and some of the stupidest contestants ever. Please CBS and your casting agents, can we do just a bit better next time around? I can’t deal with a bunch of bumbling idiots whose big plans after the show is to get paid to visit clubs. I need real game players again.

So if you were Hayden – who would you get rid of? And do you think Enzo will find himself in the final two? Who do YOU want to see come away with the game? And what if anything do you think they need for the next season?