LEVERAGE “The Morning After Job” Review

Leverage (TNT)--"The Morning After Job"

The team has the tables turned on them during a complicated con on Moreau’s money launderer “The Morning After Job” summer finale episode of LEVERAGE. Mark Vector has Moreau’s account numbers and an immunity deal with the feds that’s about to take effect, so in order to convince him he needs a new and better deal that requires giving up Moreau, Parker seduces Vector with arm punching, drugs him, and fakes her murder. So far so good, and attorney Nate convinces him to set up a new deal with prosecutor Sophie. Then a sniper fills the apartment with bullets and the con falls apart with Vector deciding to take his chances with his testimony and current deal. Seeing “dead” Parker in the court room changes his mind again while Nate changes his mind with the Italian and tells her he will take down Moreau without her.

There’s a lot to love in this episode. The threat of the Italian and the need to take down Moreau was downplayed through a lot of the season, but it’s ratcheted way up here. I like how there are signs that something is off throughout the episode but it doesn’t become clear until the bullets start flying. It’s fitting that the team will go after Moreau because it’s the right fight and not because of blackmail. That it was the Italian’s plan all along is a bonus–I’m not sure if Nate realizes it or not ( I think he does), and that makes it fun. The final scene shows Nate and Sophie as united as they’ve ever been and it’s such a relief to have the team all together at the end of any finale (even just a summer one).

Even though neither Eliot nor Hardison is the thief, they steal the episode. From their slapping over the keyboard and arguing over whether or not the con is the Vegas wake-up job to yelling in unison “Shut up” at the witness they end up transporting and Eliot`s face when he says “Maybe next time you can get a fire truck,” their chemistry and timing are terrific. Love Eliot taking the radio call because it could involve kids near a weapon and having it turn into a Cops episode and of course he watches hockey fights alone in his room at night in case he has to fight someone on ice.

Parker has an impressive share of highlights, too, especially for a dead girl in the bed. “The second part I could do in my sleep–literally.” Love her “Maybe she’s his imaginary Italian friend–like Pinocchio” and “Don’t stab” chant as she strides over to Vector. Not to mention her “You know, I’m starting to really like tasing people; is that a problem?” as she throws her arms over Eliot and Hardison’s shoulders and awww, she gives McSweeten a present after almost strangling him for inadvertently calling her a bimbo.

Random notes: Spencer Garrett is getting good at being tased: first on The Good Guys and now here. I wish they had picked a better actress than George Clooney’s girlfriend to play the Italian–she’s beautiful but so stiff. It’s a good thing Nate had to move his mementos into safe places so they didn’t end up bullet-riddled.

Even though TNT repeatedly billed this as the Leverage season finale, it’s really just the summer finale. There will be three episodes in December, so hopefully we can bring the Moreau saga to a close before getting a new arc for next season.

What did you think of “The Morning After Job?” Should Nate have given the Italian Moreau’s account numbers and walked away instead of taking on the fight solo?

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