Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 9 Live Eviction/ Week 10 Head of Household Competition


Well thanks to poor planning on CBS’ part, BIG BROTHER 12 was delayed until an ungodly hour to show a pre-season football game and my review is just a bit delayed. Ugh, so this week it’s Ragan up on the block, with Hayden acting as the ‘pawn’ and we would need to see a miracle happen to keep Ragan in the house. But this doesn’t stop him from trying to convince the rest of the houseguests, specifically Britney and Lane, that it would be in their best interest to keep him around and backdoor Hayden this week. And he has a point – a good one. Hayden and Enzo have essentially had their hands in nearly every decision in this house without any of the stress of delivering the news. This bodes well for both of them, as they have played the best social game, even if they avoided making any ‘real’ moves.

This week we finally got to see into the Jury house, which had only one resident Rachel. She yammers on and on about Matt being the next to join her because he came between “her and her man.” Lady please give it a break. As much as I get your distress with all the house, this line is beyond annoying at this point. Kathy is the next to join her and she tells Rachel about Matt having Diamond Power of Veto and saving himself. Rachel is so bummed that both the ladies were given the heave ho from Matt and they are hoping he is the next to join the house. So they are very pleased when Matt walks into the jury house. Matt says Britney put him up, with real no explanation, and that her pageant attitude and lies have kept her in the house for way too long. The three of them are sitting around the dining room table drinking wine when Brendon enters the house and the look of shock on Rachel’s face was priceless. Rachel is happy to see her man, but bummed that he will no longer be playing the game. And then the big shock came Matt sat the folks down to tell them the truth about the game, which everyone thinks means that he was the Saboteur. Oh no no folks he’s about to tell you that is wife is healthy and he has been lying about it since day one. This triggers Kathy since she battled cancer for nearly ten years and gave Rachel just another reason to hate Matt.

Lane sits down in the HOH room to chat with Julie about this week’s game and he says that Ragan gave him some great ideas, but his bond with the brigade is too strong. He also believes that Britney is only choice to win in the final 2, but if she goes next week he’ll have to bring Hayden to give himself a chance. It’s now time for the live eviction and it’s almost certain that Ragan will be hanging with Julie Chen soon. And by a vote of 2 – 0, Ragan was sent to the jury house. As he chats with Julie about his time in the house, he seems to appreciate the fact that he remained true to himself throughout the game and believes that the commitment of the Brigade is a quality that other members of the BB house have never had before. In the diary room videos, everyone wishes Ragan the best, with Britney psyching him up to handle living with Rachel and Hayden telling him he is a good rolled model.

The HoH competition has the houseguests, except for last week’s HOH Lane, decorating Christmas tress in the backyard. The object is to decorate the tree in the fastest time and buzz in after they put the star on the tree, making the winner HOH, a member of the final three and a possible contender to be the final HOH. Britney is not good at this game, as she has dropped at least three ornaments within the first three minutes of the game. Thanks to the live feeds I know who the winner was, but you will just have to check back in on Monday morning for my Sunday recap for you to know.

So far, who do you think will be taking the game for Season 12? Everything seems to be pointing to Hayden, but there are still two weeks until the jury house votes.