ROOKIE BLUE “To Serve or Protect” Review

Rookie Blue (ABC) Season 1 Episode 11 -To Serve or Protect

Stern mothers, drunken fathers and superheroes were the focus of the eleventh episode of ROOKIE BLUE, “To Serve or Protect”. As the first season draws to a close, the episodes have gotten stronger and stonger and this week was one of Rookie Blue‘s finest.

Sure, there was sentimental sap galore, but it was handled well, reminiscent of the olden days when Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t one big pseudo-philosophy lesson. Andy’s father finds himself suspected of murdering a serial rapist/torturer/killer who was released from prison a fortnight previously and was shot dead six times before he could attack another girl. Andy’s father, who screwed up the case years ago because of his alcoholism, cannot provide an alibi for his defence as he was on a bender the night the killer was killed. But the evidence against him: his vendetta against the scumbag, the fact that he tailed the guy since his release from prison, the bullets missing from his recently fired pistol, his amnesia and his satisfaction at the killer’s demise all points to his guilt. Eventually the murderer’s wife confesses to killing him (how about a divorce?) and Andy’s father is saved from utter disgrace.

Andy’s despair over her father’s alcoholism is touching yet not overly sentimental. There are no plate throwing scenes of Emmy-bait angst, no heart to heart vomitrocious moments. When she finally tells him that she’s done trying to help him you feel she has changed. She is no longer the sweet girl on the block. She’s matured.

On the comedy side, Rookie Blue basically lifted the entire idea of Kick-Ass, leaving out the violence, the swearig and the action-otherwise known as the ‘good stuff’ as Epstein and Diaz are confronted with a vigilante called The Guardian (not the newspaper) and his home made superhero costume. They combine forces to take down a local drug dealer using 10 year olds as runners, someone the police could not touch because of legal nitpicking.

Finally the most minor storyline (minor being three scenes) went to Nash and Peck. Peck has to give a speech about her mother but has to overcome stagefright, and Nash tries to help her. Worried about her mother’s high expectations, Peck eventually skips her mother’s presentation which means she’s a rubbish daughter, her mother is a rubbish mother or both.

What did you think of this episode of Rookie Blue? One of the best, or an utter snooze? Leave your comments below!

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