Wil Wheaton May Return to The Big Bang Theory

Wil Wheaton on The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon’s longtime feud with Wil Wheaton might be revisited this season on THE BIG BANG THEORY, hopefully during November sweeps, though the plot is still in the initial planning stage.

In describing his for Wheaton to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Bill Prady said, “We started talking about the idea of minor celebrities cutting in line, and we thought it might be funny to have our guys waiting in line for a one-time-only midnight screening of something like Raiders of the Lost Ark with restored footage, and Wil Wheaton and three of his friends cut the line.”

As you can imagine, Sheldon would not be pleased. Prady explained, “When it comes time for our guys to get in, the line stops; Wil took the last four seats and Sheldon is just furious. Because it doesn’t make sense to him. Wil’s celebrity is not applicable here. This is not Star Trek. It’s just wrong.”

While this may sound reminiscent of Jason Bateman’s recent line-cutting at an Apple store to get the iPhone 4, Prady said the inspiration actually came from Adam Savage of Mythbusters. “He was apparently in Las Vegas for a Star Trek auction, and there was a preview and he got to cut the line.”

How do you think Sheldon should retaliate?

The fourth season of The Big Bang Theory premieres on its new night Thursday, September 23 at 8pm, 7 central. You can find all the fall premiere dates and times here.