Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 9 Power of Veto Competition; Veto Ceremony

big brother 12

We are down to the final weeks in the Big Brother house and the end can’t get here fast enough. While I find season 12’s houseguests all together boring and predictable, the five remaining hamsters have had me wishing a few folks had stayed longer – if only for the conflict. Other than Ragan, the remaining houseguests are friends and generally won’t start back stabbing each other until at least next week, when all bets are off. We will most certainly watch the Brigade implode and a few dirty tricks, but until then we are just counting down the hours until Ragan gets his eviction notice.

Last night’s episode was all about the POV and the hilarious punishments brought upon the houseguests thanks to Lane opening Pandora’s Box earlier in the week. Before the competition, we celebrated with Enzo in the ‘shunning’ of his penguin costume. And for those who are counting, Enzo is the first Big Brother player to not get the boot while in the costume. And after that the footage was mostly of Ragan talking, crying and whining to himself about the houseguests and his continuing hatred of Rachel. From the LiveFeeds, it seemed that Ragan was only interested in studying and strategizing with himself, as opposed to communicating with the other players and possibly saving himself. These folks all need to get over Rachel, especially since she is no longer in the house. And in the continuing tradition of low-budget competitions, CBS seemed to borrow OTEV from the vintage set of an Sid and Marty Krofft TV show. Hayden, adorably dumb as usual, reminds us that OTEV is veto backwards. Ahhh this guy might win $250K in two weeks. Anyways, the veto competition was half memory and half athletic game, where the houseguests were to listen to OTEV the singing clam sing a song which described two houseguests and then search through a muddy swamp area for the CD of song. The CD/song names were comprised of the two names together, so for example a song about Kristen and Rachel was a CD called RACHEN. The contestants then had to race back and climb to OTEV. If you were the last person up there and / or picked the wrong CD, you were illuminated. Lane got the boot first, mainly because he is dumb. Then it was Hayden and Britney sitting next to him watching Enzo and Ragan battle it out the POV. When the last song came on, it seemed both players knew what CD it was and where it was located because they leaped off the platform and nearly killed each other to grab it. In the end Enzo played his heart out, for once, and came away victorious with the POV. Ragan, broken and knowing he will be going home, continues his whining and wishes to be left alone. I think Ragan felt that Enzo was always going to be safe so why did he kill himself, and nearly Ragan, to get the POV. But what Ragan doesn’t think about is the Brigade is slowly coming apart and when its down to 5 houseguests – no one is safe.

Britney and Hayden discuss which one of them will be put up by Lane and Hayden, confident that it won’t be him, explains to Britney that he has no problem going up since its one of the safest weeks during the game. Luckily, Britney is smarter than the guys give her credit for and she tells Lane that Hayden has no issues going up and that if Lane were to take Hayden to the final two, he would lose. This girl is afraid that if given the chance, the guys could all turn on her and vote her out, so she will do anything to stay off the block this week. She and Lane discuss taking each other to the final two, which for either of them is better game plan than relying on Hayden or Enzo to help them. Although, Hayden has been sneaky, backdoory and has a few secret prizes under his belt, so I am not sure he would be the worst person to go up against in the final two.

After the POV comp, the Big Brother houseguests get their second punishment which is to wear sock puppets for a full 12 hours and have them talk whenever they are talking. If any of the houseguests fail, which technically they did, they would all be have-nots for the week. And while it was fairly funny to watch Enzo’s meow meow puppet discuss with him golf, it was beyond annoying to watch Ragan cry to his. Dude this is Big Brother, buck up and play the game. The 12hours are done and then the next and final punishment is unleashed. The houseguests must dance every time music is blasted through the house, once again for a 12 hour period. So even if they are sleeping, showering or using the bathroom, they will have to get up and dance when the music comes on. The dance montage leads to some of the funniest footage this show has had during this season, specifically with Hayden’s complete lack of rhythm. And when the hamsters successfully completed this punishment it was time for the POV ceremony.

Of course, Enzo takes himself off the block and in a sort of surprise move, Lane nominates Hayden. Lane knows that Enzo and Hayden can’t be trusted with keeping Britney in the house, so he makes sure they don’t have a choice. Honestly if I was Britney and Lane, I would make sure the vote was a tie and get rid of Hayden, this way it would be 3 (Ragan, Britney and Lane) against Enzo next week. At this point, the Brigade will not help Lane to move any further so I would do some sabotaging. But who knows? Who do you want to see go home this week?

And FYI: Tonight’s Live Eviction BB Episode might be postponed in some areas due to interfering programming. I would check your local listings to make sure you can watch the show or set your DVRs properly. And don’t forget to check out my recap/review of tonight’s Big Brother show tomorrow.