PSYCH “Shawn 2.0” Review

Psych "Shawn 2.0" Review

Nestor Carbonell from Lost guest stars in this episode of PSYCH, called “Shawn 2.0”. Nestor plays Declan Rand, a criminal profiler that keeps stealing Shawn’s thunder after he’s hired to help with a case involving the deaths of people on a liver transplant list. Declan even asks Jules out on a date before Shawn can get a chance to ask her to be his date at a wedding that weekend.

As the new team works the case Shawn and Gus find out that Declan is a fraud. Turns out he’s just some rich guy who got bored and decided to give the profiling thing a try and Shawn has a theory that he might even be the murderer. Shawn eventually realizes he’s wrong but not before sharing his thoughts with Lassie and when Declan is found standing over the body of the latest victim, Shawn and Gus have to help prove his innocence. They track down the clues to the twin sister of the latest victim, an alcoholic who used her sister’s name to get on the transplant list and then start killing off the competition.

My favorite bits…

Shawn sleeping in the office surrounded by junk food and trashy novels. Haven’t we all woken up like that at one time or another?

Shawn’s assumption that it would be okay to ask out Jules in front of a dead body because it didn’t smell that much.

The incredibly awesome version of the theme song done by Curt Smith from Tears for Fears.

Jules offering to break off her date with Declan if Shawn “really” needed a date to the wedding. Oh, ouch.

Okay I admit it, I totally said “hemlock” to see how fun it was, too.

Shawn mentioning Declan’s “most impossibly dark eyelashes on any man ever”.

This bit:
Gus: “He has a Master’s in psychology and criminology from Harvard, and an MBA?”
Shawn: “Get out of here, he’s got a monkey basketball league?”

Declan completely nailing Shawn’s profile.

Really, really wanting to know what Shawn was fiddling with for a half hour if it wasn’t the coffee maker. Then laughing my ass of when I saw what he did to Gus’ humidifier.

Disagreeing with Gus because sometimes, I think it is actually Hammer Time.

Lassie pulling a gun on a poor girl who was just trying to get out her passport. Well, at least he apologized nicely.

Lassie telling Declan that his profile “can kiss my big, round white dumper.” Classy.

Shawn’s whispered “gug” when spotting Jules and Declan holding hands.

Shawn turning into a full on fangirl when he saw Curt Smith sitting beside Declan’s pool causally playing his guitar. Not that I blame him, I would’ve done the same thing. How is it possible that the man looks even more gorgeous now than he did 20 years ago?

Declan asking Shawn to check in on Curt while he was in jail because he was afraid that Curt and “that dude from Crowded House” were going to go on a bender and then later warning Shawn that Curt was an angry drunk who once threw a keytar into a Jacuzzi. Okay call me crazy, but I seriously want to party with this guy now.

Trying to stop myself from thinking that Declan would say something like “I used to live on an island with a smoke monster” when Jules asked him if he had any other secrets.

Curt getting tipsy and singing “blah, blah, blah, blah” at the wedding.

Turning into a full on fangirl and squealing during the Psych-out with Shawn and Gus singing “Head Over Heals” with Curt. The only thing that kept me from singing along at the top of my lungs was the fact that I didn’t want to scare my neighbors.

Overall a really funny episode of Psych, that had me cracking up a lot. But what I really liked was how in the end, Shawn was seriously thinking of telling Jules the truth about himself. It’s just too bad that Declan stole his thunder there, too. He’s just a big…uh…thunder stealer.

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