Neil Gaiman’s THE SANDMAN Being Developed For TV

Neil Gaiman’s popular comic book series, The Sandman, may be headed to the small screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. TV is trying to acquire the rights to the comic book from its sister company DC Entertainment. They’re looking at Supernatural creator Eric Kripke as their top pick to adapt the comic to television. He is said to be interested in the project, but cautious due to The Sandman‘s passionate fan base.

The Sandman was one of the most critically acclaimed comic books of the 1990s. The story is set in the world of dreams, and the main character, Morpheus (aka Dream), is Lord of Dreaming. Norman Mailer once described it as “a comic book for intellectuals.”

Several of Gaiman’s books have been adapted as movies, with the most recent being Coraline. THR says that Gaiman isn’t currently involved in the Sandman TV show, but it’s still early and that could change.

So what do you think about this news? Do you think its possible for a TV series to capture the complexity and the darkness of The Sandman?

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