Mekhi Phifer Leaves LIE TO ME

Mekhi Phifer (Lie to Me)

While a change in LIE TO ME‘s dramatic structure may mean more freedom in how stories are told, it also means Mekhi Phifer is out of a job.

Entertainment Weekly reports that The Lightman Group is severing ties with the FBI, which means Ben Reynolds (Phifer) will no longer be needed as a liaison between the two organizations. Just when he seemed more appreciative of their work, too. Executive producer David Graziano explained that he felt using the FBI “limited our storytelling a little bit because it had to adhere to the FBI structures of `Would the FBI take this case or not?'”

Of course, his change doesn’t mean there won’t still be someone looking over The Lightman Group’s proverbial shoulder. According to Graziano, “The character that’s going to be our badge this season is a bent cop, Wolowsky (Monique Curnen) who goes about business in a similar way to Lightman. There’s a mutual respect from the get-go. We’re working hard to make The Lightman Group a dysfunctional family.”

What do you think about this change? Is it a good direction or will you miss Mekhi Phifer?

The season 2 finale of Lie to Me airs on FOX Monday, September 13 at 9pm/8 central. Season 3 premieres on Wednesday, November 10 at 9pm/ 8 central. You can find all the fall premiere dates and times here.