Jose’s Top 5 TV Shows: #2 – LOST

Lost Season 6 Cast
Only two shows left on my Top 5 All Time list, and I had a hard time deciding the order of the last two shows. After much deliberation and Apollo candy bars, I decided to list LOST as my second favorite show of all time.

Whats this show about:

Lost is about plane crash survivors stranded on a mysterious deserted island, and their attempts to get back to civilization. Of course, J.J. Abrams is involved, so things are never that simple.

What do I like about this show:

There are so many reasons why Lost became the must watch show for me. Here are just a few…

  • The way they tackled huge topics – Time Travel. Good versus Evil. Faith versus Science. Karma. Love. Conspiracy. Any one of these topics is enough to keep one show busy for many seasons. Lost was able to tackle all of them throughout its entire run, without cheating the audience of a good, thought-provoking story.
  • Characters we loved – Good stories are nothing if there aren’t good characters (and actors) to help tell them. Hurley wasn’t just an overweight lottery winner who thought he was cursed, near the end of the show he became the voice of the audience. Jack and Locke represented men of science and faith, respectively, but you could find yourself agreeing with Locke one moment, before turning around and thinking Jack had the right idea. And your heart would have to be made of cold marble if you didn’t root for Jin and Sun and their romance that span time and space.
  • Everything on the show was fair game – The writers and producers of the show really went all out in trying to hide clues or Easter eggs throughout episodes. These either gave fans a hint as to what was to come or caused Internet message board meltdowns as viewers ran over stills from each episode with a fine tooth comb. It made you want to watch and rewatch episodes just to catch what you might have missed in the background.
  • Why you should watch:

    Now Lost isn’t for everyone–some viewers were frustrated that some of the show’s mysteries weren’t always answered in a timely manner (if at all) or were confused by the use of flash back/flash forward/ flash sideways. Still, it is a great show and there are many reasons I think you would like it (apart from the reasons why I liked it):

  • The way they present a story to the audience – If there is one thing that the Lost crew knew how to do well, it was how to leverage every part of the show (actors, writing, visuals, sound) to tell a great story. Example from my viewing: I couldn’t watch the pilot episode of the show for two years because the scene involving the plane crash were so realistic.
  • The rollercoaster ride of events that occur throughout Lost – This show had so many ups, downs, and twists that they show have a height requirement for watching it. If there was one thing you could count on with Lost it was to never get too comfy with the current situation. The twists were usually clever and done in a classy manner (unlike those trashy soap opera twists).
  • Shows like this are why HD Television was invented – The show was mostly filmed on the Hawaiian Islands, and you could find yourself spending as much time enjoying the story as watching the beautiful beach and mountainscapes. I visited one of the beaches Lost used in the first season, and while it was amazing, it had looked even better on the show. Nuff said.
  • My Top 5 Episodes of Lost

    I couldn’t end this article without sharing my Top 5 episodes of Lost. Just a warning that some of my comments contain spoilers, but they don’t detract from the awesomeness of these episodes.

    5. Walkabout – In this Season 1 episode we learn about Locke pre-crash, and find that he led a very different life before arriving on the island. Beautifully shot to avoid giving away the big twist in Locke’s story, it is more one hour movie that an episode of a prime time show.

    4. Through the Looking Glass – The Season 3 two-part finale was a complete game changer in the way Lost told stories. The crash survivors find themselves fighting against The Others and trying to reach a ship that can rescue them. Interspersed throughout the events on the island we are shown scenes of Jack’s life off-island spiraling to rock bottom, leading up to a shocking revelation at the end of the episode. This episode also features Charlie’s finest hour.

    3. Tricia Tanaka is Dead – In this Hurley-centric episode we learn through flashback more about his lottery “curse” and his relationship with his father. On the island, Hurley and a group of fellow Losties decide to try to fix an abandoned VW Microbus they found in the middle of the jungle. A great episode with lots of light hearted moments, including some of Hurley’s best of the entire show’s run.

    2. Man of Science, Man of Faith – The Season 2 premiere was focused on answering the question left over from the Season 1 finale, “What is in the damn hatch?!?” Jack’s flashbacks show us why he feels he can fix anything, and includes an interesting tie to the hatch. The episode starts to show the schism between Locke and Jack as to the island and their destiny.

    1. The Constant – While on the helicopter heading to the freighter, Desmond finds himself transported back to 1996. As he continues to jump between 1996 and 2004, he meets up with Daniel Faraday, who warns him that he needs to find a constant, or he risks dying from the time jumps. Brilliant story, supported by a brilliant performance by Henry Ian Cusick and one of the best episode endings ever makes this the number one episode in my book.

    Like Lost? Hate Lost? Think I should get Lost? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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