COVERT AFFAIRS “What Is and What Should Never Be” Review

Covert Affairs "What is and What Should Never Be" Review

In this episode of COVERT AFFAIRS, called “What Is and What Should Never Be”, Annie wakes up in quite the mess with a couple of dead bodies in front of her and cops all around. In a federal interrogation room, Joan shows up as her “lawyer” and she and Annie piece together what happened over the last 48 hours. It all started when Annie got a note to watch an art auction and when one of the pieces went for way more than it was worth, she decided to look into it. Walking back into her life as suddenly as he left it, Annie is shocked when Ben shows up at her house and informs her that it was he who put her on to the auction. The auction is being used by arms dealers to move money and while the Agency wants to control the process, he’s interested in stopping it.

Annie decides to help Ben and the woman at the auction house, who was once his contact. When the bad guys show up at the warehouse, we see that Annie had no part in the resulting shootout that cost four people their lives. Back in interrogation, Annie is doing her best to keep Joan from knowing about Ben’s part in the whole mess but finally gives in and tells her everything when Joan threatens to leave her to the mercy of the FBI. Joan makes Annie help the FBI with their case and luckily put Jai on her tail, causing him to be there to save her when she accidentally ends up at the hands of the arms dealers themselves.

Oh and just to make things even more complicated and messy, right before Ben showed up at her place Annie had been on a date with Jai. Work relationships are hard enough but when you add in the fact that both you and your date work at the CIA and can’t tell anyone about it, including your sister, AND your ex-CIA lover breaks into your apartment to give you secrets, that’ll just make your head spin.

My favorite bits…

Jai going to Annie’s place for the family barbeque and telling her he understood why she was hesitant and was okay with taking things slow. So sweet.

Annie’s sister calling Jai the “George Clooney of wherever he’s from.”

Annie walking into her room after her date with Jai to find Ben standing there.

Auggie’s stage whisper when advising Annie to at least turn down her speakers if she was going to do unauthorized searches.

The super intense scene of cat and mouse in the warehouse.

Jai being put into a really tough spot – first having to search Annie’s place and then having to deny to Auggie that he knows anything about Ben.

Joan spotting that Annie wasn’t telling her the whole truth as she tried to cover all tracks of Bens part in her story.

Annie finally telling Joan that she has seen Ben.

Annie going to Auggie and asking if it ever gets any easier to get over someone dying on her watch.

The FBI agent knocking down the bust and both of them agreeing that it was “clearly teetering”.

The boat to boat chase between Annie and the bad guy and it ending with the guy getting an anchor to the head. Ouch.

In the beginning, Covert Affairs was simply about a new agent finding her way in the spy game. Now things have definitely turned up a notch and I like it. Between Arthur wanting to continue using Annie to track down Ben and Joan against it, plus the love triangle possibilities we’ve got between Annie, Jai and Ben, then add to that Annie’s growing friendship with Auggie and how he’s willing to protect her even at his own risk – all of it is adding up to a pretty interesting show.

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