WHITE COLLAR “Company Man” Review

White Collar "Company Man" Review

In this episode of WHITE COLLAR, called “Company Man”, Peter gets to use his accounting degree when he infiltrates a large corporation. Acting as a CPA, he goes in looking for the murderer of a man who was linked to corporate espionage. Neal joins in by working in the marketing department while Peter enjoys his fancy hotel room and big office. The two of them get some help from the murdered man’s girlfriend as well, narrowing down their suspect list to the boss. But when the girlfriend decides to exact revenge on the man, she nearly gets Peter killed in the process.

It’s always been my lot in life to usually go for the feisty sidekick types. Maybe it’s because I think of myself as being a bit of a sidekick too. I’m never the prettiest, thinnest or tallest person in a room but I can usually pull off being cute and funny – two main qualities for a sidekick. Now before anyone gets in a huff, I’m not saying that Peter is a sidekick in this show. It’s just that in most episodes Neal is set up with the main storyline. He’s the one going undercover, he’s the one facing down the bad guys, he’s the one ordering room service in posh hotel suites in nice robes. Peter is usually in the background, but this time it was his turn to shine and personally I think he really went the extra mile. I mean getting poisoned along with your suspect and using it to get a confession out of the man is going above and beyond the call of duty.

Maybe I’m biased in my love for Peter because I have loved Tim DeKay ever since I saw him in an episode of ABC’s Cupid years ago. He is not only amazing in this show; he also plays a pretty amazing character. Peter is the epitome of the guy in the white hat. He’s got very strong beliefs and his integrity is such that he’ll put his own life at risk to uphold them. Oh man, there is nothing much more appealing to me than that.

So yeah, maybe I am just a smidge biased.

The other great part of this episode was the ending. Peter put Diana on the job with Mozzie once he found out that Neal had the flight recorder data. Then Mozzie found out that Peter had the music box and finally all secrets were out as Neal and Peter open it together. Of course we didn’t get to see what was in it as the episode ended, but I’m dying to find out next week.

My favorite bits…

Peter making sure that Neal gave him his quarter back.

Peter pointing out that he and Neal may still have met if he’d ended up as a bigtime accountant, because Neal probably would have robbed his company. LOL.

Neal helping Peter to get dressed, putting on his cufflinks, helping him with his jacket, advising him on his tie – such a great little moment as it felt like Neal had become the older brother all of a sudden.

Mozzie referring to Diana as “Lady Suit” and she referring to him as Neal’s “pocketsized pal”. Boy I’m so happy that I wasn’t taking a sip of my water right then because I am positive that it would have ended up coming out of my nose and on to my keyboard.

Neal doing his signature hat flip and then using it to manipulate the “game” so that the jerk Trent got the bill. Nice.

Peter talking to Elizabeth’s photo while sitting alone in his hotel room. So sweet.

Mozzie giving Neal his condolences on his “recently departed integrity”. Ha!

Peter demanding that Neal get Kent help too, because they don’t leave anyone behind.. and then covering my mouth with a gasp as the really big needle went into Peter’s chest.

Peter admitting that he kept the music box away from Neal because he was afraid that his friend might be more interested in revenge than justice and promising that as long as he was involved, justice would be the way they went.

Overall there’s not much more I can say about how much I loved this episode of White Collar. Sure you can blame it on my huge crush on Peter, but I really think this was a great episode, full of some good banter with Neal and Peter, hilarious stuff with Diana and Mozzie, an exciting conclusion to the case and a very mysterious ending.

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