WAREHOUSE 13 “Vendetta” Review

Warehouse 13 (Syfy) -- Vendetta

Artie’s past comes back to haunt him in the “Vendetta” episode of WAREHOUSE 13. When Artie worked for the NSA in the 1970s, he didn’t trade secrets; he traded what he thought were trinkets to the Russians to get his family out of the gulags. When he learned they were actually artifacts, he turned himself in and his contact went to prison. Now his contact’s son wants revenge and he kills Dickinson and an NSA agent to get to Artie. H. G. Wells inserts herself into the investigation to prove she can be trusted and she eventually saves Artie in Russia, almost freezing to death in the process and by the episode’s end, Artie thinks he’ll regret he didn’t let her die. Meanwhile, Claudia and Todd meet up again.

Poor Dickinson. That’s actually a surprising (for me, at least) death and it’s very well played. Nice reveal of Artie’s past, too, but the biggest story is the reinstatement of H. G. Wells as a Warehouse agent. I have a feeling Artie’s right that the reinstatement of H. G. Wells will lead to disaster, but I love the character and think it will be a great arc, especially given her amazing chemistry with Myka. Best line of the night: “Two Mykas? This is gonna be fun.” I can’t wait too see just how different Artie and Helena are. Believe me, I know it won’t end well, but it should be a hell of a ride, even though I’m very worried about Myka and Artie’s relationship.

The Regent system gets more and more convoluted. Now there’s a super-Regent in the form of Adwin Kosan? Why does he get to make some of the final decisions? I wonder what Mrs. Frederic thinks about Helena being reinstated. I’m hoping for sparks to start flying.

The artifacts in “Vendetta” really run the gamut. Torquemada’s chain is seriously and fittingly creepy and I love Charles II’s possessed croquet balls. “Little league don’t fail me now!” Pete can hit a croquet ball going 100 miles an hour, but he can only bowl a 71? Random. I can only picture Leonardo Dicaprio’s blue face when I see the Titanic driftwood, and I so want that reflex hammer.

With all the tension of the main story, some of the more slapsticky aspects of Claudia stalking Todd feel a little out of place, but I love the confrontation with Claudia pulling a tesla and Todd pulling a gun. Nice twist that Todd is in the witness protection program, but Claudia loses her boyfriend–again, and who knows how many laws she’ll break finding him. Sometimes she scares me. Leena is reduced to helping Claudia with her love life. That’s just sad and there must be more for her to do. Maybe Mrs. Frederic can assign her to spy on Helena.

“Vendetta” is a tight, jam-packed episode. Jaime Murray slides into the Warehouse 13 cast like she’s been there all along and her H. G. Wells is a more than worthy successor to MacPherson. Having her reinstated as an agent opens up so many storyline possibilities and I can’t wait to see her in action with Myka and Pete, not to mention reporting to Artie.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad H. G. Wells will be an agent? Do you buy her story at all? What is up with this new regent Kosan? Let’s take it to the comments.

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