RESCUE ME “A.D.D.” Review

RESCUE ME: Denis Leary
This is the last episode of the season, as such there’s no recap. Don’t let this be your first episode of RESCUE ME, that’s like knowing the twist end of an M. Night Shyamalan movie before you’ve seen it. Please take my advice and not watch this episode if you haven’t seen any before it. Seriously, if you watch even a minute of this episode without having seen more of this show, you will regret it by the time the intro music starts. And the end will just confuse you.

“A.D.D.” had lots of good parts. Even if the episode was a complete reversal of absolutely everything in the previous nine episodes. My favorite part was the opening scene, which was constructed incredibly well, if a bit over the top at the beginning. I can’t imagine anyone grieving like that years after someone’s death while having been a part of not one, but two relationships. Then again, those relationships were within her dead husband’s family, and both are angry, emotionally distant men. On second thought, I understand now.

I’m very glad nothing happened between the Priest and Sheila. Maybe there will be something in the next season now that Mick is seemingly gone. And on that note, Mick abruptly leaving Sheila was just drama for the sake of drama. It would have been exceedingly better to open next season with that fact. I mean, just last episode he made a passionate (for him) display during the fiasco between her and Gavin. Come on.

The end of the first scene, and the end of the last scene: fantastic. If you’ve watched most of the series, the first scene sets you up and slaps you in the face at the end. If you see it coming, you’re vastly more cynical than I am. And the end of the last scene sets up the final season to return to the pure form of the first season of Rescue Me. Next season should be something to remember. I can’t wait.

What was your favorite scene of the season?